Nose Job & Computer Imaging

Computer Artist at Work

Has anybody ever tried to explain to you a picture or a classic work of art like the Mona Lisa? The explanation could go on for hours and still leave a puzzled mind.

But instead of hours of verbiage, what if that same person showed you a picture of the Mona Lisa? Presto! The concept is immediately clear.

The same situation can exist in cosmetic plastic surgery when a cosmetic surgeon tries to explain what your healed nose job will probably look like and how it will affect your surrounding facial features after surgery.

But what if, say, your rhinoplasty surgeon could show you a picture of your new, after-surgery nose during your consultation? Now that would demonstrate confidence, would it not?

Actually, Dr. Kotler has been using such a system – known as computer imaging – since 1999 to show patients the most likely predicted result of their rhinoplasty operation.

A few skeptical patients will fasten onto that phrase “most likely predicted result” and ask if that includes so-so results. But in most cases, patients are delighted to see something concrete — a better looking nose — and quickly sign up for surgery.

But here’s the most startling result: in most cases, the actual after surgery, healed results of nose jobs actually look better than the majority of the most likely predicted results. And the predicted pictures are uniformly excellent.

Look for yourself: Kindly navigate to the “Computer Imaging” section to see computer-generated “afters” alongside “actual afters.”

You can even complete Computer Imaging by taking your own pictures at home (we show you how) and mailing them to our office where a computer artist will return your pictures showing the changes in your nose and your most likely, after- surgery nose job results.

With some 5,000 rhinoplasty surgeries under his belt during the last 39 years of his military and civilian service, Dr. Kotler knows that the slightest tweak in or on the nose during surgery can produce amazing results after surgery. He also knows the slightest tweak in the wrong place can produce displeasing results.

Every patient wants the first nose job done right. And, make no mistake, rhinoplasty is the most complex, demanding surgery in all of cosmetic surgery.

(By the way, computer imaging is done for all cosmetic procedures.)


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