Our Philosophy

Do it once… Do it Right!

Many plastic surgeons do rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, but what makes us different is our constant success in giving our patients their desired result the first time. So many patients come to my office after having two, three, and even four rhinoplasties, and I am their last hope—that’s absolutely unacceptable! With my extensive training and expertise, I am able to achieve my signature “Natural Nose” for all of my patients. I never promise something I can’t achieve, and that’s why it is extremely important for us to have a computer imaging specialist in our office as a communication tool between the patient and myself. Having an understanding of the patient’s needs and desires is one of the most important factors in achieving a successful outcome. A cosmetic procedure is a big investment for our patients in time, money, and mental health, and we understand that. That’s why I make sure I do your procedure right the first time. I make sure that our patients leave our office with the happiness and confidence that they chose the right doctor.