Surgery Day Tips

Tips Regarding Your Surgery Day

  1. When you speak with the anesthesiologist the night before your surgery day, be sure to confirm your arrival time and the surgery center’s address and phone number with the doctor.
  2. We are providing you with all of the surgery center’s “paperwork” prior to the surgery date. This is to expedite your preparation for surgery. Rather than have you spend a lot of time filling out the forms and possibly even delaying your medication to help you relax and prepare for surgery, we feel it is better to have all of the forms completed when you arrive at the surgery center.
    Be certain to read all of the forms and be prepared to just sign your name and have your signature witnessed when you arrive. If you have any questions about any of the forms, highlight them or “tab” them so as to immediately discuss with the surgery center staff when you arrive.
  3. As soon as you have signed the forms, the surgery center staff will give you a Valium pill which will quickly help you relax. If you have had a prior poor experience with Valium, let the nurse know.
    Shortly thereafter, you will be taken back to the changing area to change into a surgical gown and then be prepared for the surgery.
  4. Dr. Kotler will see you, of course, and can answer any questions that you have. As needed, he will use a marking pen to plan the facial surgery. Nasal surgery patients will be given Afrin nasal spray to open the nasal passages.
  5. Your nurse or anesthesiologist will start an intravenous and give you medication to further relax you prior to entering the operating room.
  6. After surgery, you will wake up in the recovery room and spend about one hour there.
  7. If you will be staying at the post-operative recovery hideaway, their staff will pick you up and whisk you to the hideaway in their limo.
  8. If you will be recovering at home, at the home of a friend or relative or at a hotel, whoever will be picking you up and caring for you will be told an approximate pickup time. They can either wait at the surgery center or leave and return at the appointed pickup time. It is best if the surgery center has their cell phone number to contact them in case there is any delay.
  9. The surgery center staff will provide your “pickup driver” with detailed instructions and directions as to where to bring the car to pick you up.
  10. Remember, we need to have the telephone number of where you will be staying the night of surgery so that Dr. Kotler can call you that evening to check on you and answer any questions.
  11. Please call us any time if you have any questions.