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Beverly Hills’s Dr. Robert Kotler is the Rhinoplasty superspecialist you want. His military and private practice experience is unmatched. He’s a board-certified, fellowship-trained teacher, author, and inventor. See his extraordinary Professional Bio.

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The most important factors in achieving the nose you want are: the skill, experience and degree of specialization of the surgeon. Makes sense. Rhinoplasty is the most complex and demanding of all the cosmetic procedures. You want a board-certified, fellowship-trained expert, a master. Not a “does everything” surgeon. Put your face into the hands of the MD who majors in nose jobs, both cosmetic and functional. Check our reviews and examine Dr. Kotler’s Profession Bio. They lead the pack.

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Steven had two desires: to breathe better and to look better. Both were accomplished at the same surgical session. The breathing, or functional surgery, was correcting a deviated septum and reducing the size of the inferior turbinates.

Nothing will teach you more about the success of cosmetic rhinoplasty than…

• A patient’s result
• Comparing the pre- and post-op photos
• Viewing the patient’s video interview

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Dr. Kotler’s proven track record of creating the most natural-looking results has distinguished his practice as the top choice for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.

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Permanent Non-SurgicalRhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty

No American doctor has more experience performing Permanent Non-surgical Revision Rhinoplasty than Dr. Kotler.

Permanent Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
Permanent Non-surgical Revision Rhinoplasty

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From our files of over 300 videos, learn why our patients call their rhinoplasty procedure “A Game Changer for Life.”

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Our practice is among the few that use computer imaging to show potential results. With the help of this technology, Dr. Kotler can reliably tailor a surgical treatment plan for the unique needs of each patient.