Dr. Kotler is one of the world’s most specialized and experienced nasal surgeons practicing non-surgical rhinoplasty. With over 35 years in practice and over 5000 nasal procedures performed. He is the most experienced practitioner of permanent non-surgical revision rhinoplasty in the United States.  Dr. Kotler is a published medical author and a highly rated teacher at UCLA and USC frequently speaking at medical meeting. He is an inventor and founder of two devices used in nasal surgery.

The “ magic” of Dr. Kotler’s permanent non-surgical revision rhinoplasty includes immediately seeing drastic improvements with permanent results. 

The best non-surgical rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills comes from the surgeon specializing in both temporary and permanent non-surgical nose jobs. View Dr. Kotler’s non-surgical rhinoplasty gallery and learn why as a rhinoplasty superspecialist, he will provide you the natural results you’re looking for.



Dr. Kotler has decades of experience performing nasal and facial surgery. See our patient results for non-surgical procedures performed by a superspecialist in Beverly Hills, CA.

About the Permanent Filler

The clear, colorless fluid is medical grade liquid silicone, the common trade name for this is Silikon-1000. The manufacturer is he Alcon Corporation, a major manufacturer of products used by eye surgeons. This explains why the original testing of the product, in the 1960s, was done to prove its safety as a “ filler” inside the eyeball to push back a detached cornea. It’s safety demonstrated there generated the FDA-approval of the product. The FDA, later, issued a statement in which it declared the product safe for micro-injections into the skin. That is exactly the process used for permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty and permanent non-surgical revision rhinoplasty. 

With over 70 years of success, silicone has become an essential element
in medical care. Pacemakers, artificial joints, artificial blood vessels and every “ tube” placed into patients is made of silicone. Well-tolerated by the body, it is one of the great achievement of modern bio-science.


The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes to perform and is virtually painless. A prescription-strength anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the injections to ensure patient comfort. 

After the treatment area has been anesthetized, Dr. Kotler will begin the injections. He uses a highly specialized microdroplet technique, which involves injecting permanent filler just under the skin. In response to the filler, the body creates a microscopic wall of natural tissue, which makes the enhancements permanent.

For the most precise application of permanent filler, Dr. Kotler uses a very fine needle that has the thickness of about six human hairs. This meticulous technique allows Dr. Kotler to produce superior, natural-looking results that last.

What Can Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Improve?

This quick procedure is a great option for treating minor cosmetic nasal flaws. It cannot make the nose smaller or alter its internal structures.

Permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty. Frequently chosen by patients who want to:

  • Conceal dips, divots, and depressions on the outside of the nose
  • Disguise nasal humps or bumps
  • Correct the appearance of a crooked or asymmetrical nose
  • Revise their initial rhinoplasty and correct post-op defects
  • Refine or subtly lift the nasal tip
  • Augment and elevate the nasal bridge
  • Smooth away cosmetic imperfections from a broken nose
  • Balance asymmetrical nostrils

For patients who need significant structural changes such as improving breathing and preventing recurring sinus infections and allergy problems to the nose, surgical rhinoplasty is a more appropriate choice. At your initial consultation, Dr. Kotler will help you fully explore your options and discover which procedure would best meet your expectations and preferences.


Before we purchase shoes or clothing, we are wise to “ try them out”. We need to be happy with the fit and the look. The same principle applies when considering the permanent filler option.

For patients who are unsure, skeptical or just curious about what the permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty can achieve, Dr. Kotler devised the simple and practical sterile salt water injection to demonstrate the success of the permanent filler. The skin of the nose is anesthetized w an anesthetic ointment and a very tiny, short needle is used to correct the dents, divots and dips. Or, even just to show raising a too-low bridge. The saline filler dissipates within an hour but photos are taken before and right after to allow the patient to have a clear reminder of what what the permanent filler can achieve. 

This preview is particularly important for patients who are considering or may have already had temporary fillers placed into the nose. Those patients sense the burden of perhaps life-long “ refills” and are looking for a permanent solution to their unhappiness. But if one has not seen the results on a friend or family member, it is comforting to know that this quick demonstration injection session can dispel reluctance concerning the ability of this particular filler to do the job. And, permanently.



No, the essence of the procedure is using micro-droplets placed just beneath the skin. The droplets are immediately walled off and trapped by nature’s healing process. Nor is the effect like a solid implant in which some potential for movement exists.

Yes, there is always a possibility of infection with any procedure, but not likely.

The cost of permanent non-surgical revision rhinoplasty or permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty is generally 25% of the cost of an average surgical rhinoplasty. Unlike the temporary non-surgical option, where there is uncertain and likely non-ending cost to replace the absorbed nose filler, the cost of the permanent treatment is fixed. One fixed fee.

Unlike a majority of nasal surgeons, Dr. Kotler’s permanent non-surgical revision rhinoplasty results are truly instant. You can expect to see mirror-in-hand rhinoplasty results with little to no touch-ups required. All touch-ups are free of charge.  

The recovery process for permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty is fast and easy. Once our clients leave the office, they’re able to resume all activities without discomfort, swelling or bruising. Touch-ups are rare and free of additional charge.

Those considering non-surgical rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills are invited to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Kotler. Call (310) 278-8721 today to take the next step for a nose you’ll love.

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Superspecialist and Board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler has consistently delivered natural rhinoplasties for over 30 years. 

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