Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical (Temporary) Rhinoplasty
Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty​

Non-Surgical (Temporary) Rhinoplasty ​

The majority of people looking into non-surgical rhinoplasty are not aware of the two options available when first researching non-surgical rhinoplasty (liquid rhinoplasty or fillers.) 

This is mostly because rhinoplasty surgeons primarily offer only temporary nose fillers, while more specialized and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons also provide Permanent Non-surgical Rhinoplasties. Typically, patients prefer one and done, the Permanent Non-surgical option.

What differentiates permanent from non-permanent is the nature of the filler.

Injection sessions for either the temporary or permanent fillers last from 10 to 20 minutes. Results are immediately visible in the mirror. 

You’ll be out of the office with little to no redness or pain and back to work or routine duties.


Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kotler is among the most experienced practitioners of non-surgical rhinoplasty with a rare specialty in permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty in the United States.

How Long Will Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

It is, indeed, permanent. It is with you, forever. Lasts as long as you do! That is the important differentiator when comparing the liquid silicone injections to the temporaries like Juvéderm® or Restylane® dermal fillers.

Over the last 40 years, Dr. Kotlers has performed thousands of permanent non-surgical nose jobs.

Permanent Non-surgical Rhinoplasty can help you receive permanent natural results with no downtime.

Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Permanent Non-surgical Rhinoplasty cannot claim that name without merit. The medical grade silicone, like other silicone “implants”, e.g. heart valves, artificial joints, heart pacemakers, internal stents or tubes, are made of the same material, just in solid form. The advent of silicone, in solid and liquid states, is one of the great triumphs of modern biotechnology. Microdroplet injections of minute amounts 1-3/100 of a CC (5 CCs to a teaspoon) into multiple locations is hardly noticed by the body and remains undisturbed. 

This technique of the non-surgical nose job, also known as liquid nose job comprises 25% of Dr. Kotler’s facial cosmetic surgery practice. And the number of patients is growing as more patients disinterested or dissatisfied with temporary fillers, dubbed “a life sentence” seek a permanent and final solution to their dissatisfaction, particularly if they have one or more surgical rhinoplasties.


Temporary, absorbable fillers achieved success and fame to plump lips and replace the loss of fullness that occurs in mid-life. Historically, surgeons found it helpful for use in correcting imperfect rhinoplasties and correcting some structural deficiencies as a substitute for a surgical rhinoplasty. But the biggest negative, of course, is the limited longevity of the temporary fillers.
The popular temporary fillers, Restylane®, Juvéderm® and others are not considered permanent because they are destined to be dissolved by the body. Other fillers have some elements destined to thrive longer than four to six months, often lasting up to a year. All these require periodic “refill.” 

Many patients will consider temporary nonsurgical nose jobs and have a change of heart when comforted by surgeons like Dr. Kotler that use computer imaging to showcase results before a permanent non-surgical nose surgery. Over time, temporary nose fillers are a more costly type of non-surgical rhinoplasty because every year the procedure must be performed again.

They are safe, when properly injected and do satisfy patients, particularly initially. But, as time goes on, many patients become disenchanted with the lack of permanency and the cost. “A life sentence” is what one patient described it. “Filler fatigue” is a more common title.

The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedure

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a very quick procedure, often taking about fifteen minutes to complete.  The “magic” if you will, of Dr. Kotler’s non-surgical rhinoplasty is that immediately, mirror-in-hand, you see the improvement! One leaves the office, resumes all activities without discomfort, swelling or bruising. Touch-ups are rare and free of additional charge.

How Long Does Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

The Permanent Non-surgical Rhinoplasty technique provides lifelong results and is a specialization by few rhinoplasty surgeons, including Dr. Kotler. Temporary fillers on average last 4-12 months depending on the filler used. 

Benefits of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Not every patient requires a surgical rhinoplasty. For most patients, a correction using a non-surgical rhinoplasty method can change their confidence for life. While appearance is a plus of any non-surgical rhinoplasty when done correctly, patients often choose non-surgical for many other beneficial reasons. Non-surgical rhinoplasty benefits include:

  • Zero downtime
  • Less costly than surgical nose jobs
  • Temporary and permanent options available
  • Impressive, natural changes to nose shape
  • Bruising and swelling only last up to 10 Days
  • Non-invasive, no incisions
  • Often used for revision rhinoplasty
  • No need for anesthesia

Fillers After Rhinoplasty (Non-surgical revision rhinoplasty)

Divots and depressions may be the hallmarks of a poor surgical rhinoplasty. Non-surgical revision rhinoplasty can be a substitute for a surgical revision rhinoplasty. Fillers after rhinoplasty are very common and Dr. Kotler has worked with hundreds of patients in need of this procedure. 

Most imperfect rhinoplasties are such because “too much was taken out.” Usually bone at the bridge and or cartilage in the lower half of the nose. The injectable filler re-inflates the depressed areas such that the dips, divots, depressions are gone. The injections allow symmetry to again be present. Filler can correct some unsatisfactory features such as the  so-called “but crease,” that vertical, midline cleft between two tip cartilages. It can raise a low bridge, a typical feature in some Asian and African-American noses

While not a cure-all or always a substitute for a surgical rhinoplasty, a significant share of patients unhappy with their nose can benefit from this short office procedure.

Think of it as putting air into a deflated tire. As you watch, the benefit presents itself!


Patients see considerable results instantly, which is why the non-surgical nose job is many patients’ preferred procedure. The majority of Dr. Kotler’s patients have not heard of permanent non-surgical rhinoplasties before coming to his office. With the help of computer imaging, Dr. Kotler reassures all of his patients so they know what they can expect. Because in almost all cases no touch ups are needed, a patient’s non-surgical rhinoplasty results will last a lifetime.


The cost of non-surgical rhinoplasty or non-surgical revision rhinoplasty is generally 25% of the cost of an average surgical rhinoplasty, as long as the permanent fillers are used. Unlike the temporary non-surgical option, where there is uncertain and likely non-ending cost to replace the absorbed nose filler, the cost of the permanent treatment is fixed. One fixed fee.


With Dr. Kotler’s background in non-surgical rhinoplasty and revision non-surgical rhinoplasty, patients have nothing to worry about. Dr. Kotler and his team set each patient up for a smooth and speedy recovery with recovery tips pertaining to the healing needs for your type of procedure. For non-surgical rhinoplasties, recovery time is almost non-existent.