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Facial cosmetic surgery is all about results. Is the result “ natural”? Is the improvement in appearance significant? Are the incisions visible? Do the operated portions of the face blend in with the un-operated features?

Nothing tells the story of a surgeon’s talent better than the “ Before and After” photo gallery. And, don’t forget to study the triptychs: three adjacent photos showing the “Before”, the computer imaged “After” and the actual “After”. Very few practices feature such a collection on their website.


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We thank our patients for taking time to share their sojourn. -Robert Kotler, MD, FACS 

Nose Surgeon, Beverly Hills

You can trust your face to Dr. Robert Kotler, one of the best trained, most experienced, highly specialized and talented facial cosmetic surgeons in the world. His background and qualifications are hard to match. As Major Kotler, U.S. Army, he served at a military teaching hospital. He is a teacher at USC and UCLA. He’s authored two books for the public and a medical text for cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. He’s the inventor of the Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway, used in nasal and sinus surgery to provide an extra margin of safety and comfort for patients. His Professional Bio speaks of his long training and his continuing education that brings to you, the patient, the utmost skill and attentive care you expect.


Dr. Kotler has been featured on many hit television shows.