Home Remedies To Lessen And Reduce Bruising

After any surgery, anywhere on the body, it’s possible to have bruising. It is expected with rhinoplasty although the range can be from very little to a bit more.

Following surgery, ice is the number one factor, when properly applied over the eyes, to reduce bruising. We also believe that ingesting foods rich in the enzyme papase can speed the body’s digestion of the red cells underneath the skin which is the source of the bruising. Papaya and pineapple are particularly rich in it. There are various factors that impact on bruising which are a function of what happens in the operating room:

  • TECHNIQUE – Gentle technique by the surgeon
  • ANETHESIA – Adequate local anesthesia
  • DURATION – The duration of the operation; the longer the operation, the greater the bruising.
  • MEDICATIONS – The use of anti-swelling and anti-bruising medications given during the operation.

Looking at websites recommending “home remedies for bruising,” I have to say I think many of them are without any merit. It’s very hard for, say, a tea bag applied to the eyes or ground up parsley or some of the other medicines recommended for application to the surface of the skin to be effective. The reason is they’re not absorbed through the skin.

We do believe that arnica has value because we provide arnica tablets beginning before surgery and so it enters the body circulation and when used for a full ten days is probably helpful. But I would advise skepticism when it comes to believing that various compounds and fruit and vegetable applications would be of any value.


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