Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery FAQs

Your consultation will take approximately one hour from the time you arrive into our office. All patient forms are on our website and should be completed before your scheduled consultation. If you can not complete the forms beforehand, please arrive fifteen minutes early to complete your paperwork.

At our state of the art surgical facility, the patient is given a small dose of sedative by mouth. The intravenous is started after pulse, blood pressure and all vital signs are checked to be normal. Then the patient is taken to the operating room for the procedure. Afterwards, one hour is spent in the recovery room awakening and checking all vitals. We make sure the caregiver is well informed of all necessary techniques for home care and the patient is sent home.

Yes, whenever possible it is ideal to combine the rhinoplasty with an operation to improve breathing and help prevent sinus problems. The recovery period is approximately the same and the operating time is not much longer.

Typically young ladies are psychologically and physically mature enough to have it done at age 15, sometimes even 14. Gentleman, 17 to 18 is considered preferable.

Here in our office we use Computer Imaging as a communication tool between Dr. Kotler and the patient. It helps us understand visually what the patients needs and wants are and what the doctor believes he can deliver. It also gives us the opportunity to bring some patients back to reality. Being able to visualize what your results may be is exciting to patients and relieves the anxiety of the unknown.

Returning to social activities, work or exercise will depend on what procedure you have and can range anywhere from one to two weeks. But most of our patients look and feel good enough to go out with friends and socialize in as little as 5 days with little to no bruising.

Dr. Kotler makes sure his patients are comfortable and not in any pain. That is the reason he provides you with everything you will need to control pain or discomfort prior to your surgery. Although it is common to experience discomfort immediately following surgery, we provide pain medication to keep it at a minimum.

Yes, this would be very helpful to Dr. Kotler. All medical records related to previous surgeries for which you are going to consult Dr. Kotler about would be ideal, but not necessary. It is best if we have the records prior to your consultation so that Dr. Kotler can review them and be prepared. If for any reason you have trouble obtaining your records, please call us.

Dr. Kolter reputation for delivering the “Natural Nose” is worldwide. That is why patients from all over seek out Dr. Kotler to be their surgeon.

No, Dr. Kotler understands what patients go through in the decision process. He wants all of his patients to feel completely comfortable with their decision and therefore, does not charge for a second consult.

Absolutely! It is imperative to meet with the doctor who will be performing your procedure. Dr. Kotler believes in educating his patients and he is happy to answer all of your questions.

1. Yes, it helps us understand your desires. Keep in mind that every face is unique in shape and volume and certain features that look good on someone’s face my not look good on yours or even be achievable. Dr, Kotler customizes your unique features to fit your face.

Out of Town Patients

Each surgery requires a different recovery timetable. Seven to ten days is most common before returning home but, additional days may be required.

All our surgery patients get Dr. Kotler’s personal phone number where he can be reached at any time after hours. If you need additional assistance Dr. Kotler knows appropriate specialists in nearly every metropolitan area. He will make arrangements for you to be seen by an appropriate doctor. Generally, there is no additional expense incurred by you personally.

Absolutely, it is ideal. We will provide all forms necessary for your doctor to complete and send to us.

Yes, we have a recovery facility that is very comfortable and accommodating to your needs.


It’s possible the functional portion of your surgery may be covered depending on your health insurance. Since Dr. Kotler does not accept insurance from any insurance company, it is difficult for us to know for sure, but our office will assist you in completing the paperwork and submit your claim for processing and payment.

Financing and Cost

With CareCredit its even easier to afford cosmetic surgery. Whether you finance or pay cash our office makes it painless to get the cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted.

Feel free to contact our office and we will provide you with additional financing options.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We also provide financing for cosmetic procedures through CareCredit.

Permanent Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

No, the essence of the procedure is using micro-droplets placed just beneath the skin. The droplets are immediately walled off and trapped by nature’s healing process. Nor is the effect like a solid implant in which some potential for movement exists.

Yes, there is always a possibility of infection with any procedure.

The saline demo is an opportunity for patients to see the results of permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty before having the actual procedure done. Saline solution is injected into the nose to mimic the results of the Silikon 1000. The body safely absorbs the saline solution within two hours.