Cosmetic Surgery & Men’s “Macho Mouth” Lips

             Brad Pitt, 2014

Yet another bastion of female beauty – larger, lush lips – is being invaded by males who also crave some – but only some – lip augmentation.

It turns out a somewhat larger lower lip in males convey all sorts of personal information and values, according to human behavior experts who have studied lip appeal in the likes of

  • Brad Pitt
  • Channing Tatum
  • Henry Cavill
  • Harry Styles

Various scientists and psychologists have noted a person’s lip size has much to do with deciding if others are attracted to them. For women, the rule of thumb for their lips seems to be the bigger, the better for both lips.

According to Florida plastic surgeon Rian Maercks, M.D., more men are asking for plumper lips via “lip injections,” without feminizing their other facial looks.

“Men want a strong lower lip,” said another Eastern U.S. plastic surgeon. “More men are identifying that larger lip with authority and confidence.”

"Channing Tatum's 2015 photo show a thicker lower lip"

Channing Tatum, 2015

But men are happy with a thin upper lip; the combination with a fuller lower lip results in a look many plastic surgeons and their patients refer to as a “proud lip.”

Of course, yearly plastic surgery statistics show lip augmentation and other cosmetic plastic surgery is overwhelmingly female.

But men who had cosmetic plastic surgery in 2016 increased three percent over 2015 and was up by 28 percent since 2005. But minimally invasive surgeries like lip lifting was up a phenomenal 74 percent during the last year.

University of Louisville Psychology professor Michael Cunningham found in a study on men and women’s attractiveness that one of women’s desire for men is an elusive combination of one thin upper and one thick lower lip also suggests sensuality and ruggedness.

Professor Cunningham adds that men’s larger lips can also convey warmth and receptivity.


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