Face Lift

Face Lift in Beverly Hills, CA

Over time the face begins to sag, and the skin starts to lose its elasticity. Signs of aging emerge which causes you to look tired and less youthful. A face and neck lift can restore a youthful appearance by sculpting deeper tissues and re-draping the skin of the face and neck. With his exceptional technique, Dr. Kotler’s years of experience allow him to deliver every facelift patient a natural and youthful result.

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Dr. Kotler has decades of experience performing nasal and facial surgery. See real patient results performed by a superspecialist in Beverly Hills, CA.

Beverley Hills Facelift Surgery


General anesthesia is administered by a physician anesthesiologist specializing in facial procedures. Under anesthesia there is no pain and no awareness. An intravenous is started and you “drift off to sleep.”


Approximately 5 hours in the operating room.


Probably not. Until development of our current more aggressive technique (not only re-draping the skin but sculpting the neck and tightening the muscles), the results were not always long lasting. But since this technique has proven itself over the past 25 years, we feel that only a limited “tuck” procedure may be needed, long after the surgery, to keep the face and neck structure looking youthful!

Recovery from a Face Lift

We recommend 2 nights at a “recovery retreat” or at home with the attendance of an experienced nurse (we can make appropriate referrals). More than any other procedures in our specialty, this operation requires an element of professional observation and care. To minimize postoperative swelling and bruising and hence to speed recovery, we place small suction drains into a hidden portion of the incision. These are best monitored and maintained by an experienced professional. Discomfort is generally minimal throughout the entire immediate postoperative period, but pain pills are included in your postoperative “care package” to be taken if necessary. Our precise instructions and direction sheets will guide you in proper care of incisions, etc.

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