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When I needed my deviated septum fixed, I did not hesitate one bit to call on Dr. Kotler... I am familiar with many of the plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Dr. Kotler trumps them all! I wouldn't have gone to or trusted anyone else! He is a true mensch and as accomplished as they come. The quality of care and service is First Class, far better and more attentive than any doctor I have gone to... for ANYTHING! From initial visit to months after surgery, Kotler is there for his clients!


Dr. Kotler was great. He answered all my questions and--more importantly--didn't push any additional procedures on me. His nurse Mary is quite nice and very responsive to emails.


Dr Kotler is amazing! I did a lot of research on who to go to. I was looking for someone who would listen and make my nose look natural with no drastic changes to my face. After my first consultation I didn't even need to think about it, I just had to book my appointment and I tell you I couldn't be happier with the results. If you are looking for someone who will really listen to you and make you feel more confident about yourself then this is the place. All the staff are great and continue to look after you and answer any concerns after your treatment. This was for sure money worth spending! It's been about 2 years since I had my nose done and I have no regrets!


This is my second visit to Dr Kotler and he is truly amazing. I had the saline nose injection procedure done to help with the shape of my nose, and it saved me from doing surgery! Dr Kotler is pleasant and professional. He has a gentle touch and a great eye. I love it that he tried to help me fix the shape of my nose without pushing surgery. I highly recommend visiting Dr Kotler for your nose concerns.


Dr. Kotler is extremely knowledgable, compassionate, down-to-earth, and attentive. He always listens carefully to what you have to say and responds to your questions in ways that make you more comfortable and informed. It is clear that he wants what is best for you and takes your concerns seriously. I am somebody who always likes to really understand what is going on and why we are doing things a certain way, and Dr. Kotler is always patient and thorough with his explanations, and makes me feel comfortable about asking questions.


I have had my nose done two times and didn't want to get a third. I was getting Juvéderm® injected into the areas I didn't like but had to keep going back because it was only a temporary fix. Dr. Kotler's non-surgical rhinoplasty with a permanent filler was a dream come true. He's been using the filler for 37 years so I was confident he would give me the look I wanted. Three sessions later I am thrilled with the results. I am so happy I found him. I never have to worry about getting injections in my nose again. It looks natural and nobody would ever know I had it done! Thank you Dr. Kotler!


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