How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Beverly Hills?

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Beverly Hills?
(And the Rest of California)

Rhinoplasty cost in Beverly Hills and throughout California can be determined in consideration of several factors. One is the complexity of the case. If one has had a broken nose, and the nose is crooked and does not breathe well, the operation takes longer because the deviated/broken septum has to also be corrected. It is possible the turbinates, other structures within the nasal passages will have to be reduced to further improve breathing and that adds time. If the surgery is a revision rhinoplasty, more time also. Also, the more complex the case, the more aftercare required and that must be built into the surgeon’s fee. So what should every prospective patient know before paying for their rhinoplasty? Consider these guidelines when budgeting out your rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Pricing Guidelines: The Cost of a Nose Job

When the question asked, “Is rhinoplasty expensive?”, the word “expensive” is relative. A Beverly Hills nose job costs less than most automobiles and certainly lasts longer. But the cost is more than a one-week vacation, perhaps. Patients tend to place great value on the procedure because:

    1. Rhinoplasty corrects a personal imperfection that continues to plague them.
    2. There is a one-time cure, the nose job.
    3. The cost, when spread over the lifetime, is reasonable. Actually, cents per day.
    4. There are often career and socialization benefits that come with improved appearance. 

Rhinoplasty Costs in California


How much does a rhinoplasty cost in Beverly Hills? Likely more than in less specialized cities like Fresno, California but certainly not two or three times as much. Because Beverly Hills is a high-cost-of-doing-business area, practice costs are higher. Rental and employee costs are higher. Taxes are high. Practices like ours help underwrite the cost of patient parking in municipal lots. 

The cost of practicing is the main factor. If the fees are higher, it is not because the rhinoplasty surgeon is greedy or just in it for the money, it’s because costs are higher just as if you own a retail store in a major city. It is the natural law of business that high level service and sales are generally located in central but expensive areas. 


San Francisco nose job costs probably match those of Beverly Hills. As the most expensive major city in the US, rhinoplasty costs are very expensive. San Francisco, however, is not Beverly Hills with respect to being a major rhinoplasty hub. The cost of a nose job in San Francisco may be similar but there are many more surgeons performing rhinoplasty in LA and Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is a mecca for all things cosmetic. Just like New York City is the home of great theatre and Nashville is where you go for the best in American country music. Specialized cities provide the best results, so patients have to weigh whether the cost of a San Francisco nose job is likely to provide the same level of results as one in Los Angeles. 


For the city, rhinoplasty costs in Los Angeles may be a bit less specialized and less expensive than Beverly Hills. Los Angeles County is somewhat of an aggregate of cities and neighborhoods, including Beverly Hills. There is Venice and its beaches; Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl. Have you heard of Hollywood? Yes, it is part of Los Angeles. Some of these small cities and neighborhoods have specialized rhinoplasty surgeons. LA nose job costs outside of Beverly Hills may be lower, owing to lower business costs such as in Burbank, Glendale, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach.

Some lump Beverly Hills and Los Angeles together. That’s OK for tourist purposes but not wise for the search for the top-line medical professionals and that includes those who perform rhinoplasty. Beverly Hills has the outstanding gathering of all medical and dental specialists. It is a major industry here. Cosmetic surgery supports hotels, restaurants, and transportation.

When considering Los Angeles nose jobs costs, find out where in greater LA is the practice. Is it in Beverly Hills? Or another location. The average nose job price will vary. And, often, the degree of specialization, experience and talent of the rhinoplasty surgeon.

Factors Associated with the Cost of a Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty

The minimum rhinoplasty cost that will result in a good nose job is a few thousand dollars. The patient should not only question, “How much is good rhinoplasty?” but they should also consider the factors that make up the price being quoted to them. View the total nose job price and the breakdown of the components. Here’s what you can expect to see building up your rhinoplasty cost throughout Beverly Hills and the U.S: 


A nose job price should be presented as a “bottom line number”. No add ons. No extras. It should include the surgical facility. A doctor’s office is the least expensive but it may not be as sophisticated and hold the same licenses and certification as a hospital or free-standing outpatient surgery center.


It’s always wise for surgeons to require preoperative medical testing and it’s required. 


That depends on the complexity of the case. Revision rhinoplasty will take longer to perform and therefore all elements of the care will be a bit higher. See below for fees and costs of anesthesia and surgical facility.


Rhinoplasty cost should include the fee of either a nurse anesthetist or MD-anesthesiologist. The latter’s fee for administering the anesthetic will be a bit higher. This is in recognition of longer education and training.


Larger cities tend to have surgeons with a higher level of expertise. This is seen in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles rhinoplasty costs, as well as any major city. The quality of the nose surgeons mirror quotes on your rhinoplasty. In those large and sophisticated, multicultural urban areas, there is a great thirst for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures. The chance of finding a world-class rhinoplasty surgeon in Eau Claire, Wisconsin or even a mid-sized city such as Las Vegas is not as great as in our largest cities. Serious rhinoplasty surgeons will want to practice where the demand is the greatest. Patients should not bargain shop. A nose surgery is for your whole life and a revision rhinoplasty will increase your life investment on nose surgery.

Costs for Specific Rhinoplasty Procedures


Revision rhinoplasty costs will be higher, often more expensive because of the complexity. They take longer and sometimes cartilage grafts have to be harvested to restore the architecture. These cases may require non-surgical rhinoplasty also called liquid rhinoplasty as finishing touches after the initial healing has taken place. 


Ethnic rhinoplasty costs may be higher because of the more common need for cartilage grafting or placement of an implant. Many ethnic rhinoplasty cases, such as Asian Rhinoplasty tend to require additional tissue or support structures because the bridge is too low or the tip too broad and not projecting ideally. What if the nostrils are too wide? This is common in some black patients, as well as in Asian or Hispanic Rhinoplasty. The nostril narrowing or nostril reshaping adds significant additional operating time and more post-operative care time since there are more stitches to be removed in the office. 


The average cost of non surgical rhinoplasty is typically lower than that of traditional rhinoplasty due to the non-invasiveness of the procedure, but will ultimately depend on your unique scenario.

Paying for YOUR BEVERLY HILLS Rhinoplasty

If you are considering undergoing the procedure, you’ll be happy to learn that there are various options available for paying for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.


For patients paying for rhinoplasty, credit cards are the most popular method. Makes sense since it allows you to spread out the payment and pick up some “points.” Top practices accept all major credit cards.


There are other methods to pay for a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. Cosmetic Financing Services have come into their own. They are increasing in popularity. Some charge no interest if repaid within a year, which is a good deal. Typically, cost of financing rhinoplasty, as other cosmetic procedures, is based on one’s credit rating, the amount financed and the length of the loan. Our office has the technology that is in sync with lenders and allows for almost immediate approval while you are in the office for consultation.


For purely cosmetic surgery, health insurance is generally not applicable. Very few policies provide for that. However, if the patient is having, at the same time, a nasal septoplasty and/or turbinate resection to improve the airway or correct a broken nose, the insurance benefit for that should be available to the patient. Always check with the office administrator regarding insurance for functional procedures that are done at the same session with rhinoplasty. Insurance may be helpful in reducing the total costs. 


Personal loans from friends and family certainly may be appropriate. Particularly, if there is no collateral. Even so, when it comes to personal loans for financing a rhinoplasty, the lender cannot repossess your new nose.

FAQ - Rhinoplasty Costs

When considering a life changing procedure like rhinoplasty, it’s understandable that you may still have some additional questions regarding rhinoplasty costs. Here are some of our most frequently asked rhinoplasty price questions.

Health insurance is written to protect the insured against the costs of accidents, medical conditions, tumors. Patients understand that medical insurance does not pay for the purely cosmetic rhinoplasty. However, If the surgery is in part or whole necessary to correct the result of a nasal fracture with deformity and/or breathing consequences, their insurance should provide benefits. One should always check with their insurance company well before surgery as to available benefits for such nasal reconstructive surgery. It is proper for the insurance to cover functional rhinoplasty or nasal septoplasty with or without the turbinate resection but all this requires a doctor report to the insurer prior to the anticipated surgery.

While no nose job is simple, per se, some noses have fewer things wrong with them. If one has only a bulbous tip, for example, that rhinoplasty would be simpler. Likewise if the only needs are to shave down a bump and perhaps minimally refine the tip, that would be a less complex, less lengthy and a less expensive nose job. 

Even though simple nose jobs have fewer parts to fix, most of the entire sojourn is the same as the more complex case. A simple case still requires the same time to put you asleep and wake you up. Same recovery time, five days. Because of this, a simple nose job is only slightly less than but similar to the average nose job cost.

The most expensive rhinoplasties are revision rhinoplasty, revision nasal septoplasty and revision turbinate resection. These are all more expensive than a simple nose job. In this situation, nearly the entire nose needs to be dismantled, repaired and re-assembled. Takes time to do it well. 

Revision rhinoplasty requires tissue grafting, such as cartilage or bone taken from one part of the body and transplanted to rebuild imperfect nasal structure. For those reasons, it would seem costly compared to less complex procedures.

The answer, confirmed over and over in patient surveys, is a resounding, “Yes.” Rhinoplasty has a very high rate of satisfaction. Correction of the most prominent facial feature, when properly performed delivering a natural nose is a successful undertaking that gives life-long satisfaction. The physical changes generated a mental change. When our appearance is improved, our sense of self grows, and such self-satisfaction and confidence has many by-products. As my teacher, Howard Diamond, MD, wrote: “When you do a rhinoplasty, particularly on a younger person, you are also doing brain surgery.”

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