Do You Fear Anesthesia?

Fear of anesthesia probably starts with people chatting about surgery. Somebody mentions, say, a neighbor’s uncle’s best friend who recently went under the knife and had a bad experience under [...]

Plastic Surgery Overseas? Caution!

We’ve often written and advised about the perils of having cosmetic plastic surgery overseas – say, Thailand – where the cost of: Airfare Lodging Plastic surgery may be less that the cost of the [...]

Surgical Repair: Torn Earlobe

Time was, only women asked their cosmetic plastic surgeons what could be done about torn earlobes, resulting from wearing ear rings that were too heavy or danged too far down. In some cases, [...]

Two Cosmetic Surgeons, One Operation

A patient came into our Beverly Hills practice recently to ask about having a cosmetic rhinoplasty and help with breathing issues inside her nose. She also mentioned she wanted liposuction of [...]

Plastic Surgery Roadblocks

A few things can block your way to having cosmetic plastic surgery. Because many states require a physical before any rejuvenation surgery, an unknown or returning ailment may turn up, blocking [...]

Rhinoplasty: Tops in Annual Survey!

The world’s leading organization of facial plastic surgeons has completed its annual survey and found rhinoplasty, followed by revision rhinoplasty (the process of repairing a badly done first [...]

Plastic Surgery Bad? 5 Ways to Cope

According to national statistics kept by the major plastic surgery societies, about 15 percent of cosmetic plastic surgeries need more of your surgeon’s attention. But a board-certified surgeon [...]

Nose Jobs: Five Hour Surgeries?

Patients coming in for revision nose jobs consultations often have amazing tales to tell. Actually, their consult is a learning experience for we surgeons as well. And it’s becoming a tad [...]

Tattoo Removal: Easier with New Patch

Any patient going through a tattoo removal procedure with a cosmetic plastic surgeon or dermatologist has twice gone through major regrets. Once for having “body art” and another for going [...]

Nose Jobs: Prevent Crime?

We have often noted the changes in patients when a thoroughly disliked — or in some cases, hated — facial feature is changed via cosmetic plastic surgery to something more pleasing [...]

“Bookending” Propofol in Surgery

You’ve heard of Propofol before, probably in connection with the singer Michael Jackson who thought of the anesthetic as his “milk.” Actually, Propofol is a great anesthetic that puts surgical [...]

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