Cosmetic Surgery & Millennials

So much for the Baby Boomers! Millennials – that’s everybody 18 to 34 –  have become the largest generation and are changing quite a lot in American society, including cosmetic surgery Otoplasty [...]

Nose Job: How Long to Complete?

We often hear anecdotes from potential nose job patients about other cosmetic plastic surgeons and how they work.  Most recently,  we’ve heard from several patients undergoing revision [...]

Nose Job & Its Component Costs

Several components will create the final, total cost of a nose job. And your surgeon’s staff will let you know the totals well before surgery. Here are some basics things affecting any cosmetic [...]

Nose Job & Computer Imaging

Has anybody ever tried to explain to you a picture or a classic work of art like the Mona Lisa? The explanation could go on for hours and still leave a puzzled mind. But instead of hours of [...]

Deviated Septum? Top 5 Signs

Unfortunately, many people – up to 75 percent — don’t know when their nose is working against them, given a breathing-blocking condition known as deviated septum. The septum, a thin piece [...]

Dropped Tip after Nose Job

We have always urged people wanting a nose job to choose among cosmetic surgeons who have performed nose surgery for at least a decade and continue doing it weekly.           (Learn what to look [...]

Broken Nose? Now, What to do?

Most frequently broken bone? It’s as plain as your face! Actually, it’s ON your face. Having the body’s thinnest bones and being very prominent, it’s the broken nose. A sharp nasal blow – in [...]

Deviated Septum Surgery: Recovery Tips

More are discovering their loud snoring and general bad breathing are caused by a deviated septum. The septum, a thin wall of bone and cartilage, separates your nostrils and breathing channels to [...]