What’s Ailing My Profession?

Today’s Medical Science Is Spectacular. But, Why Are Patients Dying From Easy-To-Treat Diseases? by Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Today’s Medicine performs miracles every day. Cataract and LASIK [...]

Cosmetic Surgeons: Proper Training?

These blog pages have often advised that people searching for an aesthetic or non-surgical procedure should do lots of homework on cosmetic surgeons and their training before going ahead. Why? [...]

Plastic Surgery Cost Discounts

Everybody complains about increased costs. But some plastic surgery discounts may be available, given a little future planning. Costs of plastic surgery are often hard to compare because prices [...]

Wireless Breast Tissue Expander

It’s no secret how much time, energy and resources wireless technology has saved humankind. Now, a wireless development in a reconstructive surgery procedure known as soft tissue expansion has [...]

A plastic surgeon looks at Obamacare

Obamacare should be named ExpensiveCare. It was named Obamacare for political purposes by the fathers of the program, the insurance industry. Their puppets in Congress enacted it without reading [...]

Super-Charge a Cosmetic Surgeon Search

Say, you’re looking in Beverly Hills and the surrounding L.A. area for a cosmetic surgeon to do rhinoplasty, face and neck lift, or some other procedure. You want the procedure done once and as [...]