Can Rhinoplasty Improve Your Breathing?

When many people think of plastic surgery on the nose—also known as rhinoplasty—they think of it being done for cosmetic reasons. However, it’s very common for those who have no desire to change the appearance of their nose to also seek out rhinoplasty to improve their breathing. This type of rhinoplasty, known as septoplasty, may… Read More »

What’s Ailing My Profession?

  Today’s Medical Science Is Spectacular. But, Why Are Patients Dying From Easy-To-Treat Diseases? by Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Today’s Medicine performs miracles every day. Cataract and LASIK surgery to improve vision; joint replacement to reduce pain and restore mobility. Pinpoint, invisible-beam radiation to destroy cancer. Childhood leukemia cured by chemotherapy. Stomach ulcers healed with… Read More »

Plastic Surgery Abroad: Risks, Corrections, Hi Costs

We’ve often advised against having cosmetic plastic surgery in foreign locales, either East (Asia) or West (Romania.) Why? Because surgeon training in distant lands and ratings of surgical facilities can be very, very different than what is found in America. To focus down and take a snapshot of the typical medical tourism plastic surgeryexperienced by real patients, researchers… Read More »

Pre-Plastic Surgery Exams Spot Disorder

When you have found the perfect plastic surgeon to perform the cosmetic surgery you have always craved, don’t take it personally if the surgeon gives you an exam before proceeding. (More about finding an excellent plastic surgeon.) Facial plastic and oculoplastic surgeons are often the victims of would-be patients who suffer a strange psychological disorder known as BDD, short for body dysmorphic… Read More »

Facial Symptoms Of Common Disorders: Top 8

If you are interested in a common facial cosmetic surgery like: Rhinoplasty Face & Neck lift Eyelid Lift Surgery Neck Sculpture You may be searching the mirror more than usual looking for how you would like a super-specialist cosmetic surgeon help those features. So, while you’re searching the mirror: * Do double duty and look for common facial symptoms that… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgeons: Proper Training?

These blog pages have often advised that people searching for an aesthetic or non-surgical procedure should do lots of homework on cosmetic surgeons and their training before going ahead. Why? Plastic surgery offices are often staffed by what the medical profession knows as “cross-overs.” That is, the doctor was trained in radiology or some medical specialty other than cosmetic surgery, but crossed over… Read More »

Plastic V. Cosmetic Surgeons: The Difference?

While many people think plastic and cosmetic surgeons do the same thing — make you look better – an article about consumer concepts in the current issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the medical journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS,) reveals the general public is often confused about which surgeons do what. (More about the ASPS… Read More »

Plastic Surgery Cost Discounts

Everybody complains about increased costs. But some plastic surgery discounts may be available, given a little future planning. Costs of plastic surgery are often hard to compare because prices vary widely in various U.S. geographic regions. The plastic surgery costs that consumers pay are set by the costs of maintaining a business in various locations, the reputation of the… Read More »