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"A woman is shown Vaping an E-cigarette and blowing out a cloud of steam"

05 Dec Cosmetic Surgery & Vaping? Nope!

In Cosmetic plastic surgery, doctors routinely tell their patients to quit smoking, usually four weeks before surgery. In fact, some plastic surgeons won’t take any patients who have been long term smokers. “Four infections in four patients who had been smoking for years was enough…

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"A sketch shows a normal nose next to a deviasted septum nose."

30 Nov Deviated Septum: Top 6 Signs

Most of the time when you hear about a deviated septum, it’s because a movie star is explaining why he or she was at the office of a nose surgeon. Could be.  But given medical privacy laws, we may never know for sure. But did…

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"A chemical wrinkle remover patient shows her once-wrinkled face and after surgery"

29 Nov Wrinkled, Non-Wrinkled Cities: Top 10

If you didn’t already know, wrinkled faces are a big deal among today’s cosmetic plastic surgery patients. Not for nothing are the famous wrinkle fighters, Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA), Xeomin and Dysport, the leading anti-wrinkle removing substances, last year consumed by 6.7 million American citizens.           (Read…

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" A Rhinoplasty surgeon gives a nose job to a patient"

16 Nov Rhinoplasty? With Ultrasound?

French plastic surgeon Dr. Olivier Gerbault, has developed a newer way to perform a rhinoplasty and has named the procedure “Ultrasonic rhinosculpting.” According to Dr. Gerbault, the procedure offers less surgical invasion and more precise, natural looking results. Given that rhinoplasty is the second most…

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"A young woman goes from plain to WoW! in a before & after picture"

09 Nov Before & After Pix: What to Look For

A leading business magazine for cosmetic plastic surgeons took a survey and announced  the vast majority of people looking for a cosmetic surgeon value before & after pictures more than the surgeon’s patient review letters.           (Look at our cosmetic surgery patients’ before & after…

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"Movie star Cameron Diaz is shown just after 2014 surgery"

03 Nov Cosmetic Surgery for Cameron Diaz?

Celebrity press photographers spotted and photographed a now 44-year-old Cameron Diaz leaving a Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgery office in early October. This, despite advice in her 2014 tome, “The Body Book” about growing older gracefully, allowing wrinkles,” laugh lines” and other marks of…

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"A plastic surgeon treats a burn; the SkinGun is next

01 Nov Wounds, Burns? SkinGun to the Rescue!

Plastic surgeon training virtually always contains techniques for repairing severe burns, wounds and other reconstructive surgery.         (Read more about plastic surgeons’ wound & burn work) Now, technology is advancing so that new ways of caring for burns and wounds may look like a version…

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A plastic surgeon discusses a health insurance policy with a patient"

31 Oct A plastic surgeon looks at Obamacare

Obamacare should be named ExpensiveCare. It was named Obamacare for political purposes by the fathers of the program, the insurance industry. Their puppets in Congress enacted it without reading it and shoved it through Congress in the middle of the night. The insurance industry had…

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"A loveliy woman shows a nose job plan of action for her nose"

27 Oct Nose Job Cost: What Components Create Price?

While computes the average nose job cost in the United States at $7400, the actual price any patient pays is a combination of factors, making actual rhinoplasty prices both much higher and lower. The lion’s share of a nose job quote will be the…

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Home by taxi after surgery?

24 Oct After Surgery: Home in a Taxi?

With more Americans living alone, those who’ve had cosmetic plastic surgery in stand-alone surgical centers sometimes request a plastic surgeon’s office to summon a taxi or Uber ride home. It’s apparently becoming more common. Outpatient Surgery Magazine, a professional magazine for surgeons who use outpatient…

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