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"A lovely woman shows how her nostrils have been turned down"

30 Sep Unequal Nostrils in Nose Jobs

It’s amazing how many people look for a nose job surgeon to correct only a small part of the nose – the nostrils. A common request in nose job surgery is lowering a nasal tip so turned up that others see right into the nostrils….

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"A woman inspects instruments in a plastic surgery operating room"

24 Sep In-Office Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery patients often have the choice of undergoing their procedures in: The surgeon’s office A free-standing surgical center A hospital Which would you choose? Many assume that a hospital would be best, but the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a professional magazine for plastic surgeons,…

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22 Sep Selecting a Top Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

We have always advised that patients searching for a cosmetic plastic surgeon  should consider top cosmetic plastic surgeons who do the procedure you want as often as two or three times weekly and has done so for a decade.            (Watch a video about selecting…

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One of many nose jobs

15 Sep Nose Jobs: Five Hour Surgeries?

Patients coming in for revision nose jobs consultations often have amazing tales to tell. Actually, their consult is a learning experience for we surgeons as well. And it’s becoming a tad dismaying about the state of nasal surgery today. Item: many post nose job patients…

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"After nose jobs, beautiful women holds ice to her face"

31 Aug Nose Jobs: Controlling Swelling

Cosmetic surgeons use two types of nose job procedures. One is the closed approach in which the surgeon does everything through the nostrils. In the other, the open method, the surgeon makes a small incision in the columella, the skin between your nostrils. Then, the…

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"After cosmetic surgery, a woman patient is read;y to go home"

26 Aug Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Times

The latest statistics show that patients hankering for cosmetic surgery has just about doubled since 2013. A recent survey asked consumers why they wanted rejuvenation surgery. Top reasons: wanting to feel more confident, followed by wanting to feel more attractive and “wanting to look as…

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24 Aug Grading Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinics

The fallout back in 2012 from the PIP breast implant scandal has not yet settled for English cosmetic surgery clinics and practitioners. (PIP breast implants were found to contain industrial grade – and not medically safe – silicone. Hundreds of thousands European women were affected…

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