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"A groupf of young people of various races wait for a rhinopolasty"

20 Oct Rhinoplasty: All = Ethnic Nose Jobs

Roughly between 1880 and 1920, the United States had a huge immigration of people from Eastern and Central Europe. They were largely tall, fair skinned, blue-eyed and had long, straight noses. After a while, their appearance became “typically American.” When rhinoplasty became more common in…

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"A young blonde woman suffers from sinusitis"

12 Oct Sinusitis or Cold? Or Something Else?

With colder weather approaching in much of the nation, ads for products said to defeat sinusitis will be everywhere. However, it may not be true sinusitis, but a cold or allergy attack or even a cramped nasal airway. A number of symptoms pass for some…

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31045415 - husband snoring sleep and leaves his wife

10 Oct Cosmetic Nasal Surgery & Snoring

Before every nasal surgery, we give the nose a very, very careful and thorough exam. In about half the cases we see, male patients – plus, the patient’s bed partners – complain about loud snoring. Here’s why, cartoons aside, snoring is no laughing matter: Nature…

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"A closeup shows lush, full lips made from leftover face lift tissue"

06 Oct Face lift? Use Leftovers for Lips!

Women are wild about plump, attractive lips and often ask cosmetic plastic surgeons for hyaluronic acid facial fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. The lip plumping doesn’t show for a few days, according to cosmetic surgeons, who add that lip augmentation injections only last six…

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"A lovely woman shows how her nostrils have been turned down"

30 Sep Unequal Nostrils in Nose Jobs

It’s amazing how many people look for a nose job surgeon to correct only a small part of the nose – the nostrils. A common request in nose job surgery is lowering a nasal tip so turned up that others see right into the nostrils….

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"A woman inspects instruments in a plastic surgery operating room"

24 Sep In-Office Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery patients often have the choice of undergoing their procedures in: The surgeon’s office A free-standing surgical center A hospital Which would you choose? Many assume that a hospital would be best, but the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a professional magazine for plastic surgeons,…

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22 Sep Selecting a Top Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

We have always advised that patients searching for a cosmetic plastic surgeon  should consider top cosmetic plastic surgeons who do the procedure you want as often as two or three times weekly and has done so for a decade.            (Watch a video about selecting…

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One of many nose jobs

15 Sep Nose Jobs: Five Hour Surgeries?

Patients coming in for revision nose jobs consultations often have amazing tales to tell. Actually, their consult is a learning experience for we surgeons as well. And it’s becoming a tad dismaying about the state of nasal surgery today. Item: many post nose job patients…

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