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16 Feb Eyelid Lift: Top 5 Questions

If the eyes are really windows to the soul, some people in middle age are assumed to be constantly tired or haggard, due to their eyelids’ appearance. Sagging upper eyelids can make a full-of-energy person look sleepy. Eye bagging under the lower lids can be…

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"A woman shows in her before and after pictures the huge difference a chin implant has made"

15 Feb A Nose Job’s Best Pal: A Chin Implant

A great deal of the satisfaction in rhinoplasty is having a far better profile and a nose that naturally fits the rest of the face. But in some cases, the chin recedes too much to put the profile in balance, even after the rhinoplasty. The…

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"A Rhinoplasty Surgeon checks a woman's nose before Deviated Septum Surgery"

14 Feb Rhinoplasty: Most Frequent Nose Fixes

During nose job consultations, facial cosmetic surgeons examine the outside of a nose by areas and zones. Rhinoplasty surgeons also carefully inspect inside the nose. Why? Bent, crooked or missing inside structures affect the outside look of a nose and patient breathing. Here are the…

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"Surgeons do a rhinoplsty"

09 Feb Plastic v. Cosmetic Surgeons: The Difference?

While many people think plastic and cosmetic surgeons do the same thing — make you look better – an article about consumer concepts in the current issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the medical journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS,) reveals the…

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"Hollywood, a place where stars use cosmetic tricks to look better"

08 Feb Cosmetic Tricks of the Stars

Way back in the 1930’s, movie stars used cellophane tape to pull loose facial skin back behind their hair for a younger look. Do-it-yourself – but very basic temporary – cosmetic (non) surgery, as it were. With the Oscars coming up February 26, more of…

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"One picture shows Iggy; Azalea before & after cosmetic surgery"

26 Jan Celebrities: Why such Bad Cosmetic Surgery?

As you may know, Beverly Hills and Hollywood are joined at the hip, so we see and help our fair share of celebrities. But many new patients ask why so many movie and TV stars look so strange after cosmetic surgery. Of all people, one…

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"A lovely woman starts a non-surgical nose job"

25 Jan Nose Job? Non-Surgical is Great!

A recent survey of 242 Korean patients who had non-surgical rhinoplasty concludes the non-surgical version was just as good as actual nose job surgery. But – it seems there’s always a “but” or “however” – the survey was quick to mention the non-surgical version was…

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"A bedmate suffers through her mate's snoring before cosmetic plastic surgery"

20 Jan Cosmetic Plastic Surgery? Breathing O.K.?

If you are scheduled for cosmetic plastic surgery (or any other surgery,) new research shows a common, pesky type of irregular nocturnal breathing could become a surgical complication during rejuvenation surgery. According to the American Society of Anesthesiology, a common but often unknown form of…

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