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"A 43-tear-old teach shows her neck augmentation surgery in a profile picture"

11 Jan Facelift? Include Neck Lift!

Surgical facelifts are often considered, planned for and eventually enjoyed by an increasing number of men and a continuing stream of women.                (Read about the facelift procedure.) In cosmetic plastic surgery, the term “facelift” can include surgical improvement to, not only the face, but…

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10 Jan Broken Nose? Now, What to do?

Most frequently broken bone? It’s as plain as your face! Actually, it’s ON your face. Having the body’s thinnest bones and being very prominent, it’s the broken nose. A sharp nasal blow – in accidents, sports or out-of-control disagreements – is hard to ignore because…

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"A middle=-aged woman suffers sinus pain"

09 Jan Sinus Woe? No, Nose Trouble

As winter weather spreads and becomes sharper on our gentle senses, hundreds of sinus medications on drugstore shelves disappear as more people seek relief from: Sinus infections Nose stuffiness Sneezing A seemingly ever-present post-nasal drip Actually, it requires an X-ray to diagnose a case of…

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"A patient thanks a plastic surgeon for a discount on plastic surgery"

05 Jan Plastic Surgery Cost Discounts

Everybody complains about increased costs. But some plastic surgery discounts may be available, given a little future planning. Costs of plastic surgery are often hard to compare because prices vary widely in various U.S. geographic regions. The plastic surgery costs that consumers pay are set…

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Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery

05 Jan After Rhinoplasty: Swelling is Common

Noses: like sponges, they swell after rhinoplasty After a nose job, patients often ask “how long is it going to take for the swelling to go away ?” Following rhinoplasty or any type of nasal surgery, a process known as edema — swelling caused by…

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"A woman wonders if she should have cosmetic surgery"

04 Jan Cosmetic Surgery: Are You Really Ready?

While some people don’t research cosmetic plastic surgeons enough before signing on for surgery, others – especially those who have had a bad surgical outcome — over-research, sometimes for years. Many of those endless researchers have had lackluster nose jobs; it’s not surprising, given that…

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"A cosmetic surgery patient recovers at home"

31 Dec After Cosmetic Surgery: Top Self-Help Tips

The period right after cosmetic plastic surgery is extremely important for healing and getting you back to your normal routine. So there are some important things you can to help yourself, including: Continue avoiding aspirin and the herbs Garlic, Gingko, Ginseng, Goldenseal and Ginger. Those…

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"An unhappy patient faces a plastic surgery about his plastic surgery"

30 Dec Plastic Surgery Bad? 5 Ways to Cope

According to national statistics kept by the major plastic surgery societies, about 15 percent of cosmetic plastic surgeries need more of your surgeon’s attention. But a board-certified surgeon well trained in plastic surgery has probably seen cases like yours and knows how to correct the…

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"A sketch shows a wirless breast breast tissue expander and controller"

29 Dec Wireless Breast Tissue Expander

It’s no secret how much time, energy and resources wireless technology has saved humankind. Now, a wireless development in a reconstructive surgery procedure known as soft tissue expansion has been cleared by the FDA for marketing to women who have had mastectomy and want breast…

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"A Sketch shows Liposuction at work and where most often done"

28 Dec Top 10 Liposuction Myths

Liposuction remains a top procedure, but some myths still circulate about the fat removal process. Among them: Liposuction Fat Comes Back. The procedure sucks out fat cells, along with fat. If the body senses huge amounts of incoming calories, other fat cells absorb it. Also,…

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