Hispanic Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

For superior advice, why not tap into Dr. Kotler’s unmatched long experience, superspecialization and expertise? 

Dr. Robert Kotler is a Beverly Hills hispanic rhinoplasty surgeon with extensive years on the job performing ethnic rhinoplasty. Southern California is the heart of the highest population of Hispanic-Americans than anywhere else in the US. It is a frequent tourist and visitor site for Hispanic and Latin visitors from Central and South America. It follows that Dr. Kotler is among the most experienced hispanic rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills and the country with long and deep history serving the hispanic community. 

Common Requests for Hispanic & Latin Rhinoplasty

There is a significant variance in the shape, strength of cartilage structure, thickness and color of skin, width of base of the nose, shape of nostrils and thickness of the wings or ala. This represents the genetic mosaic of our Hispanic population. In some the Indian or Indigenous population genetics is strongly expressed. This translates to flat, plunging tips, wide nostrils, thick alae or wings and sometimes a low ”bump” on the bridge. Other Hispanics appear more European, with thin skin, strong cartilages, narrow high bridges and thin nostril walls. That reflects the Spanish integration into the population beginning in the 15th century.

Hispanic patients are proud of their heritage and are not likely to prefer radical changes that would render the rhinoplasty result inconsistent with their other facial features. They tend to be satisfied with fewer dramatic changes in nose structure and shape.


Before and After Hispanic Rhinoplasty Photos

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty recovery is consistent with that of other patients, regardless of ancestry or ethnicity. Patients want to breathe well, be relieved of pain, sustain a prompt recovery so that they can return to normal work and social obligations. Typically, 7-10 days.