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Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Superspecialist Offers a Practical, Permanent Non-Surgical Solution for Unhappy Nose Job Patients As the number of rhinoplasty or nose job [...]

Nose Jobs for Senior Citizens

Some senior citizens tend to go on at length about the pains and pitfalls of getting and being ever older. Others, however, see more to the aging process like architect Frank Lloyd Wright who [...]

Nose Job: How Long to Complete?

We often hear anecdotes from potential nose job patients about other cosmetic plastic surgeons and how they work.  Most recently,  we’ve heard from several patients undergoing revision [...]

Nose Job Costs: Low Price Shopping

Some rhinoplasty surgeons report that a serious percentage of people wanting a nose job are price shopping first and considering surgeons who charge the least. There are more than a few reasons [...]

Fame Quest after Nose Job Goes Wrong

According to a frequently repeated old saw, you should be careful what you wish for – you just might get it. Such was the case for 45-year-old Croatian stylist Neven Ciganovic who wished so [...]

Rhinoplasty: All Noses are Unique

Sure, all noses are unique but depending on your ethnicity, you may share some unique nasal characteristics, depending on your family background.Worldwide, cosmetic plastic surgeons performed [...]

Nose Job? Non-Surgical is Great!

A recent survey of 242 Korean patients who had non-surgical rhinoplasty concludes the non-surgical version was just as good as actual nose job surgery. But – it seems there’s always a “but” or [...]

Sinus Woe? No, Nose Trouble

As winter weather spreads and becomes sharper on our gentle senses, hundreds of sinus medications on drugstore shelves disappear as more people seek relief from: Sinus infections Nose stuffiness [...]