Cheap Cosmetic Surgery? When Does It Become Pricey?

Our current times seems to be offering more possibilities. Not only are more people working, but those workers are making more. Thus, more are looking at the crop of new models cars, many are looking at that tiny bathroom with an eye toward remodeling, rethinking vacation upgrades and considering other ways to invest or just… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery & Surgeon’s Fee

Many people interested in a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, say, a nose job or a facelift, often don’t quite know what to make of a surgeon’s fee. But don’t judge the procedure by fee alone, either high or low. Most experienced cosmetic surgeons warn against both a very high or low fee. Why? Some practices… Read More »

Millennials & Nose Jobs

Millennials Having Fun with Selfies

Having attained the status of the most numerous generation, a new stream of potential patients aged 18 to 34 — have increasingly been visiting cosmetic plastic surgeons to see about the state of their noses. That patient stream is overwhelmingly Millennials who are most interested in nose jobs and thenotoplasty, more commonly known as ear  pinning. According… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery Patient Anesthesia Concerns

Many patients are eager for a new look, but do not look forward to dealing with anesthesia. The problem usually is tales of Uncle Joe’s operation fifteen years ago and how sick the anesthesia made him. However, those days are gone. Cosmetic plastic surgery – for all the joy and self-confidence it brings – is… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery & Men’s “Macho Mouth” Lips

Yet another bastion of female beauty – larger, lush lips – is being invaded by males who also crave some – but only some – lip augmentation. It turns out a somewhat larger lower lip in males convey all sorts of personal information and values, according to human behavior experts who have studied lip appeal in the… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery O.R. Teams

The start of the World Series! It reminds of us of the ultra teamwork seen in medicine. The first item of consideration of sport managers and coaches is almost always about teamwork; those managers endlessly explain how the team is more important than any one person, no matter how talented or athletic that one person… Read More »

Instagram Posts: O.K. For Finding Good Cosmetic Surgeons?

Among cosmetic plastic surgeons, social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and others are the cat’s meow in marketing. Social media reaches many more people than standard advertising — and the right people, those who are interested in having cosmetic surgery for all the right reasons, to spiff up their appearance and gain more self-confidence. For… Read More »

Online Social Raves For A Cosmetic Surgeon? Check It!

Social marketing and media have become a very big thing on the Internet. Observed one advertising pro: “Social marketing is your relative’s doctor recommendation, writ one thousand times larger.” But consider: social media speaks so loudly because it’s an industry run by professionals who want people to buy lots of things. However, in cosmetic plastic… Read More »

Heavy Earrings = “Eartox” Procedures

We are sure that Mother Nature invented ear lobes for a reason. But if you look around at young and older celebs while including ordinary women, along with a few men, you could conclude that ear lobes are there to support:   Heavy, dangling jewelry & heavy metal hoops Expensive ear rings Ear Studs Large… Read More »