Millennials & Nose Jobs

Millennials Having Fun with Selfies

Having attained the status of the most numerous generation, a new stream of potential patients aged 18 to 34 — have increasingly been visiting cosmetic plastic surgeons to see about the state of their noses. That patient stream is overwhelmingly Millennials who are most interested in nose jobs and thenotoplasty, more commonly known as ear  pinning. According… Read More »

Instagram Posts: O.K. For Finding Good Cosmetic Surgeons?

Among cosmetic plastic surgeons, social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and others are the cat’s meow in marketing. Social media reaches many more people than standard advertising — and the right people, those who are interested in having cosmetic surgery for all the right reasons, to spiff up their appearance and gain more self-confidence. For… Read More »

Online Social Raves For A Cosmetic Surgeon? Check It!

Social marketing and media have become a very big thing on the Internet. Observed one advertising pro: “Social marketing is your relative’s doctor recommendation, writ one thousand times larger.” But consider: social media speaks so loudly because it’s an industry run by professionals who want people to buy lots of things. However, in cosmetic plastic… Read More »