Receding Chin? BOTOX®!

The discovery of BOTOX® shares something with the discoveries of electricity and the Internet: as time goes on, more and more uses are found for all three. In this case, a small test on 11 receding chin patients treated with BOTOX® was done at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) in… Read More »

Facial Fillers: Better Than Cosmetic Surgery?

It often seems like all the world is crazy for low-cost, quick recovery, non-surgical cosmetic procedures with facial fillers. But do fillers replace cosmetic surgery? Actually, fillers should not be chalked up as a substitute for surgery. For instance, a patient seeking a face and neck lift will typically show up for a surgical consultation with noticeable sagging in and around: The jowls The jaw… Read More »

Latisse® & Healthy Eyebrows

Medicine, including cosmetic plastic surgery, is filled with happy, chance discoveries known as serendipitous findings. The discovery of penicillin, the anesthetic Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas,”) the blood thinner Warfarin and the alcoholic treatment drug Antabuse were all accidental discoveries. (Nonetheless, Louie Pasteur once wrote “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Yet another example is the discovery of BOTOX® – (and later, Dysport)for… Read More »

Facelift? Include Neck Lift!

Surgical facelifts are often considered, planned for and eventually enjoyed by an increasing number of men and a continuing stream of women.                (Read about the facelift procedure.) In cosmetic plastic surgery, the term “facelift” can include surgical improvement to, not only the face, but jawlines, temples, upper and lower eyelids, foreheads and other areas, depending on what the patient needs… Read More »