What Women Want: Cosmetic Surgery!

Cosmetic Surgery via a Facial Filler

Allergan, the international pharmaceutical company and maker of BOTOX®, recently took an international poll of 7700 women’s motivations for cosmetic facial treatments in 16 nations including most European countries, the U.S., Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Thailand and others.

The women ranged in age from 18 to 65, making the average age 40.

Asked about their motivation to look good, 74 percent said first of all, they want to look good for themselves. Next listed was husbands or life partners, at 37 percent and then friends at 15 percent.

The survey next asked what things contribute to a woman’s outer beauty. Findings?  Figure and body shape were considered equal with skin quality at 56 percent, while the eyes ranked next at 48 percent, face shape, 35 percent and hair, 27 percent.

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Only seventeen percent remarked that bone structure, skin tone and lip shape contributes to the things that usually cause a woman to be considered beautiful.

When asked to list the things that come to mind when thinking about a woman with movie star beauty, skin quality rated 23 percent higher than phrases like “pretty” or “attractive.”

Other findings show that Chinese, South Korean and Thailand women spend the most on skincare while the least is spent by women in Canada and The Netherlands.

Are women worldwide afraid of aging? Not so much, actually. Sixty-three percent said their motivation for getting cosmetic surgery was to improve their aesthetic appearance while 50 percent said to fight aging.

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The most common reasons for considering a cosmetic treatment were:

  • Under eye bagging, 66 percent.
  • Too much under chin fullness, 52 percent.
  • Loss of Cheek fullness, 52 percent.
  • Lip volume loss, 43 percent.

Sixty-five percent of the women surveyed said facial fillers are more acceptable than five years ago; 57 percent replied that fillers can look natural.

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The highest rates for the acceptance and use of facial fillers were in:

  • Brazil, 76 percent
  • Mexico 73    “
  • Turkey, 73   “

The lowest rates were in:

  • The United States, 44 percent
  • Germany  41                     “
  • Japan      31                       “

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