Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Putting It Off?

Now? Later? Much later?

Once many of our patients have finally had a long-desired cosmetic plastic surgery procedure — after putting it off for a long while — I can almost bet dollars to doughnuts on what phrase they will utter when sufficient healing has taken place to see the results.

The phrase? “Why did I wait so long?”

Our practice is highly specialized and provides procedures of the face, head and neck. That after surgery phrase has been uttered, word for word, after many cosmetic procedures. Those patients obviously miss having and enjoying those long-delayed facial improvements.

(See our before & after surgery pictures.)

Patients have many reasons for delaying, deferring and procrastinating about having a desired procedure. First, cosmetic surgery is not medically necessary as would be medical attention for, say,  a burst appendix or a broken leg. Next come finances, sick children, divorce proceedings, and perhaps an ailing elderly parent or grandparent.

That’s why we refer to cosmetic surgery as “elective.” The patient can choose when to have the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure done and by whom.

Regretting his procrastination, one patient remarked he never liked his nose and could not breathe through it to boot. “Waiting so long makes no sense,” he said later, after a nose job and functional surgery.

           (See some nose job before & after pictures)

Yet another patient wanted our chemical skin peel procedure. That’s a process that permanently removes facial wrinkles, age spots and other imperfections, replacing them with biologically proven 20-year-old skin.

(See some chemical skin peel before & after photos.)

She remarked she had spent a fortune on facial cosmetics, makeup and special skin treatments. “But they did not do a darn thing. I should have done the chemical peel done before all that.”

Many have an unrealistic fear of anesthesia while having a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. However, modern anesthesia is extremely safe, with very light anesthetic techniques used followed by a rapid recovery with only the slightest chance of nausea or vomiting.

          (See a patient wake, feeling fine and ready to exit the surgery center shortly.)

Some put off cosmetic plastic surgery because they fear what others may think. For one, cosmetic procedures only make you look like a very refreshed version of yourself. Anyhow, you don’t have rejuvenation surgery for others, only for yourself, just because you want it.

A few claim they put cosmetic plastic surgery off because they are afraid of what they may look like. Actually, we take care of that from the get-go. We offer computer imaging so you can see before surgery what your most likely after surgery appearance will look like.

Usually, the actual, healed results are better than the predicted, most likely results.

         (Learn more about computer imaging.)


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