Nose Job? Non-Surgical Is Great!

Starting a permanent, non-surgical nose job

A recent survey of 242 Korean patients who had non-surgical rhinoplasty concludes the non-surgical version was just as good as actual nose job surgery.

But – it seems there’s always a “but” or “however” – the survey was quick to mention the non-surgical version was strictly short-term.

Why? The surgeons used a temporary, hyaluronic facial filler which dissolves back into the body in a matter of months. So, if the patients wanted to keep up the new nose look, the injections must be repeated. Ad infinitum.

          (See Some Surgical Before & After Rhinoplasty Pictures.)

It seems word of permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty has not reached Korean shores yet.  More about the permanent, non-surgical nose job version later, but first, who was interested in a rhinoplasty with a dissolving facial filler?

Patients in the nose job survey fell into the following age groups:

  • 7.9   percent were teens
  • 47.6 percent were in their 20s
  • 30.6         “         “     “    “       30s
  • 7.9            “         “     “    “       40s
  • 4.1            “         “    “     “       50s or older

Writing in the current issue of Dermatologic Surgery, a professional magazine for doctors who perform surgery on various skin areas, the authors studied the records of 112 patients who had nasal dorsum (the area of the nose just between the eyes) augmentation, eight who had nasal tip rotation, and 122 who just wanted a larger nose.

            (Read The Rhinoplasty Article.)

Here’s the difference: The permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty uses Silikon 1000, a filler approved for the most sensitive bodily areas like in an inner eyeball procedure.

          (Look At Some PermanentNon-Surgical Nose Job Before & After Pictures.)

non-surgical nose job starts with a single 15 minute office visit followed by a five or six week wait. Usually, the desired changes need just a tad more silicone filler after which another wait is indicated. A third appointment is often needed and the changes are good for life.

And here’s the kicker: a permanent, non-surgical nose job costs approximately 80 percent less than a surgical rhinoplasty. Plus, no recovery time is involved.

Read how the permanent, non-surgical nose job has a 50-year record of safety and effectiveness.


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