Celebrities: Why Such Bad Cosmetic Surgery?

Celeb Cosmetic Surgery, Before (left) & After; Iggy Azalea

As you may know, Beverly Hills and Hollywood are joined at the hip, so we see and help our fair share of celebrities. But many new patients ask why so many movie and TV stars look so strange after cosmetic surgery. Of all people, one thinks most celebs could afford the best of anything.

From where we sit, several obstacles rear their heads against getting a natural, refreshed appearance after cosmetic surgery. The usual suspects include:

  • Bad decisions. Generally speaking, most famous people don’t do enough research into what cosmetic surgery entails or else shuffle off the chore of which cosmetic plastic surgeon to use for which procedure to a business manager or to hearsay.

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  • Not knowing when enough is enough. Very obvious and overdone cosmetic surgery means the person didn’t know when to stop. The poster boy for too much cosmetic surgery was Michael Jackson and his terribly overdone, odd-looking nose. Perhaps some stars are searching for perfection; some are often turned away by a rejuvenation surgeon, but they go on asking others until one does the unnecessary procedure.

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  • Some surgeons become star-struck. Every surgeon in training learns the mantra: “Pursuing perfection is the top enemy of good.” Any experienced cosmetic surgeon knows that overdoing is worse than underdoing. But celebrities are great at charming, cajoling and pleading for another particular cosmetic procedureeven when the risks far outweigh the benefits. Yet other celebs may have the right reason for surgery, but choose the wrong surgeon. A beginning surgeon, being younger and more impressionable, may give in and perform that eighth or ninth nose job for a Michael Jackson. Or to Kenny Rodgers’ request for redone eye and brow surgery.(Rhinoplasty patients usually tell a cosmetic plastic surgeon the one thing they do not want is Michael Jackson’s nose.)

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  • Other celebs may jump on the latest fad. Holllywood’s lips did not become filled with industrial silicone because an actual plastic surgeon advised it, but because a convincing con man had a Hollywood following.
  • Bottom line: because celebrity faces are their fortunes, actors should be the most conservative about cosmetic surgery while looking for the most reliable judgement and advice possible.

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