Facial Symptoms Of Common Disorders: Top 8

                              “A Nip Here, a Tuck There….”

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You may be searching the mirror more than usual looking for how you would like a super-specialist cosmetic surgeon help those features.

So, while you’re searching the mirror:

* Do double duty and look for common facial symptoms that you may have a disorder that shows its presence by certain signs and symptoms.

Here are some of the most common facial ailments and their symptoms:

*Yellow Tinged Eyes and Skin:

That could be jaundice, caused by too much waste product in your system.

In adults, jaundice may mean infections like hepatitis, liver or gallbladder problems, pancreas woe or alcoholic trouble.

*Cracked Lips:

While cracked lips are common in winter, lip balms can help keep them moist.

Sometimes, the condition can mean dehydration. Cracked lips can indicated an allergic reaction or a response to a drug like steroids.


Dark spots or bumps on your face are common, but you want to carefully look at moles to see if they could become more serious.

Danger is indicated by moles’ ABCDEs:

A: Asymmetrical: is the shape different on each side of the mole?

B: Is the Border jagged?

C: Is Color uneven?

D: Diameter? Larger than a pea?

E: Evolving? Changed in the past weeks?

*Drooping Eyelids:

Medics know the condition as ptosis or blepharitis.

It happens in one or both eyes and may even block vision in serious cases. While a drooping eyelid is often harmless, it can block vision in some cases.

However, the condition can be a symptom of brain, nerve or eye socket trouble.

More serious symptoms – double vision, weak muscles, trouble swallowing or bad headache — require a doctor’s attention.

*Hair in Unusual Places:

It’s often just a case of hair growing where you don’t want it. As men get older, it happens around the ears and eyebrows; for women, on and around the chin.

In young women, extra hair in the face can be a symptom of Polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder that makes it harder to become pregnant.


Causes gray-brown patches on facial skin.

Can be caused by pregnancy or certain birth control pills. Melasma often fades after child birth or if birth control pills are halted. In some cases, it can last for years.

But medicines and other treatments – like chemical peels – can help.

*Hair Loss:

If you see eyelashes or eyebrows, along with patches of hair, falling out, it could be a symptom known as alopecia aerate.

Your immune system is attacking your hair follicles. New patches can’t be prevented, but your doctor can suggest medications that may help hair regrowth.

*Facial sores:

Sores around lips and mouth are probably cold sores which are actually started by Type 1 herpes virus, but not the type spread via sex. However, the virus does stay with you. If you become:

  • sick
  • anxious
  • Overly tired
  • sunburned

Also, sores may break out.

Facial sores usually go away by themselves, but big or frequent outbreaks should be seen by a physician who may suggest medications.


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