Eyelid Lift: Top 5 Questions

                      Lower Eyelid Surgery

If the eyes are really windows to the soul, some people in middle age are assumed to be constantly tired or haggard, due to their eyelids’appearance.

Sagging upper eyelids can make a full-of-energy person look sleepy. Eye bagging under the lower lids can be mistaken for a haggard soul.

When first consulting a cosmetic facial surgeon, many want to know if medical insurance will kick in to cover eyelid reduction surgery.

So, the number 1 question is: “Because my upper eyelids fall over my eyeballs, obscuring my vision, will insurance cover an eyelid lift?”

If an eye specialist confirms your sagging upper eyelids do block vision, the answer is usually yes.

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  1. Will an eyelid lift also raise my eyebrows?

The lift does not automatically include an eyebrow lift. But the ideal time to inquire about drooping brows is during an eyelid lift consultation. Eyebrows should be arc shaped for females and sit just above the bony ridge above your eyes. Men look most natural when the brows sit at, or slightly below, that ridge.

  1. How soon after surgery can I wear my contacts?

Contacts can be worn again when upper eyelid swelling has gone down enough so the eyelash sits at the its usual position, just above the colored part of the eyeball. That’s usually within five to seven days. After lower eyelid surgery, contacts can be worn again in one or two days.

          (See some eyelid lift before & after pictures.)

  1. I also have baggy lower eyelids. What can be done

  • What causes the startled, “deer caught in the headlights” look some eyelid lift patients have – like Kenny Rogers.
  • That startled look happens when too much surgery was done. If the brows were lifted too high or if too much baggy eyelid skin and fat were removed, the surgeon was probably new to eyelid lift surgery. Because those conditions are not easily corrected, the wise patient will:

    • Look for a cosmetic surgeon or ophthalmic plastic surgeon who specializes in upper & lower eyelid surgery.
    • Carefully look at all of a surgeon’s eyelid lift before and after pictures.
    • Ask to see some former patients who had the same surgery.

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