50? Remove 10 Years Via Cosmetic Surgeons

Is this 50?

At the half century mark, most women and some men show:

  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Deeper Nasal-labial lines
  • Some skin deterioration
  • Crow’s feet next to the eyes
  • Vertical lines on the upper lip
  • Brown sun damaged spots

Many write off the above to bad genetics, smoking and too much time in strong sunlight.

But for every mark of facial aging, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists offer solutions. For instance, early age spots and small red spider veins fall to non-surgical methods like Retin-A, Intense Pulsed Light, microdermabrasion and light chemical peels.

Sun worshipers and smokers who live in very sunny climes may need a more muscular rejuvenation like chemical wrinkle remover before & after photos)

Usually first to be noticed: the downward journey of upper eyelids over the eyeballs with the eyebrows closely following. Another bugbear that goes to work around age 50 is a small smile muscle that tugs at the nose tip; smiling results in that nasal tip pulled down to almost touching the lips. Result? the drooping tip makes the nose look longer.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the face, the neck-chin angle at the jaw is not as sharp as before while some hanging skin appears on the neck just below the chin.

Here too, things are not without solutions with the help of cosmetic surgeonsUpper and lower eyelid surgery can manage sagging eyelids and under eye bulging. As for the eyebrows, try BOTOX® which may also work on horizontal forehead lines.

          (Look at some eyelid surgery before & after pictures.)

The drooping nose? Cosmetic surgeons dispatch that in half an hour, separating the pesky smile muscle while leaving only small amounts of  facial bruising.

Neck sculpture is popular among both men and women over 50.  Cosmetic surgeons make a single, fine-line incision under the chin to remove fatty bulges via liposuction. While there, surgeons also tighten the twin platysma neck muscles that bulge through the neck skin from just under the chin down to the collarbone.

In some receding chin cases, surgeons also add a chin implant which adds a very nice balance to patients’ profiles.

(See some neck sculpture before & after pictures.)


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