Ears: Non-Surgical Cosmetic Trend

Stretched Earlobes in the Making?

While cosmetic surgery and ears rarely occupy the same thought or sentence, more people are asking their cosmetic or plastic surgeon to do for ears some of the same work that rejuvenation surgeons have been doing for years for:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks

Plump them up!

You’ve already seen how cosmetic plastic surgeons are closing more quarter-sized holes – known as “flesh tunnels” — in the ears of 20-somethings.

(Read more about a permanent, non-surgical procedure for the nose.)

Those flesh tunnels often hold rings or other objects, but because they are so large can look strange when empty.

Now that so many lips and cheeks have been pumped up via injected hyaluronic acid or collagen, attention is turning to those ears which have also borne heavy, dangling jewelry or ear other large rings for decades.

          (Yet another non-surgical procedure with chemicals smooths a wrinkled  face.)

In other cases, a pierced ear has torn through to the bottom of the earlobe. Sun worshipers may also find their ears have suffered:

  • Additional wrinkles
  • Sagging

          (Read more about earlobes & “flesh tunnels” repair.)

Once your ears have been made more youthful looking, Dermatologists and rejuvenation surgeons recommend maintaining the look with:

  • Filler injections every six months for two years
  • Then, once a year thereafter


"A young man has opened a flesh tunnel in his earlobe 1.5 inches wide."

“Flesh Tunnel:” 1.5 inches wide.


Besides directing your hearing, ears can also be harbingers of your overall health.

Here are a few things a cosmetic dermatologists or cosmetic plastic surgeons may closeli look at during your pre-procedure exam or notice in your children:

  • A crease on the earlobe may indicate heart trouble. That crease is known as “Frank’s Sign,” after the doctor who first noticed it.
  • Babies born with low-set ears are often linked to Down and Turner syndrome, conditions related to how the head and neck forms and, later in life, issues with growth and puberty.
  • Beckwtih-Wiedermann syndrome causes creases or small holes around the ears; those babies may be bigger than usual, have a large tongue and low blood sugar.
  • Some babies are born missing an ear; it’s thought to be caused during the mother’s pregnancy. Usually, plastic surgeons can form a missing ear.
  • Adult Tinnitus can cause:
  • A buzzing, roaring, clicking ringing or hissing sound; if so, that’s a hint you should see a doctor to find out what is going on.
  • Often, it’s a problem with the TMJ joint — where skull and jawbone meet. Ringing in the Ears may be also caused by wax buildup or being around loud noises.

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