Cosmetic Surgery: Patient Fears & Concerns

My Major Concerns: Anesthesia and Costs

We once compiled a survey of 100 consecutive cosmetic surgery patients in Beverly Hills, asking the source of their:

  • Major concerns
  • Minor fears
  • No concerns at all

Item: Fear of Surgery and anesthesia.

For 13 percent, this uneasiness was major. But forty-seven percent said it was a minor concern while ten percent said it was not a worry.

Item: Concern about the results looking natural.

Sixty-three percent said it was a major concern. But it was a minor worry for 26 percent and of no concern for 11 percent.

Item: Recovery, back to work, exercise and social functions.

Getting over and healing from cosmetic surgery was the top apprehension for 33 percent while 41 percent marked recovery as a minor issue. 26 percent said it was the least of their worries.

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Item: Will the procedure be painful?

Between the lines, we infer that the subjects read a great deal about cosmetic surgery because only 23 percent said pain was their major worriment. Forty-six percent said it was a minor concern while 31 percent said it was of no concern.

Item: What family, friends, co-workers and others think about this?

Only nine percent checked the “major concern” box. But 36 percent said it was a minor worry while 55 percent said it was of no concern at all. Reading between the lines again, we see how accepted cosmetic plastic surgery has become.

Item: Cosmetic surgery cost

The major apprehension group about costs was 37 percent but only a minor concern to 44 percent while those who had no qualms at all about cosmetic surgery charges were 19 percent.

Item: Which surgeon is best for my needs?

A whopping 63 percent reported this as their major concern which it well should be. But 22 percent reported cosmetic surgeon choice was a minor worry while 16 percent said it was of no concern at all. Just in rhinoplasty, that means the minor and no concern groups – 38 percent of respondents – have self-selected to be likely revision rhinoplasty patients after the first nose job goes awry.

           (See some revision rhinoplasty before & after pictures.)

However, the majority are not as concerned with the cosmetic surgery as getting the job done well and correctly. That worry often ranks above cost concerns. That hints that many, many people watch plastic surgery TV programs and know cosmetic surgery can sometimes go South.

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