Facelift? Include Neck Lift!

Neck Sculpture, Chin Augmentation & Conservative Nose Job

Surgical facelifts are often considered, planned for and eventually enjoyed by an increasing number of men and a continuing stream of women.

               (Read about the facelift procedure.)

In cosmetic plastic surgery, the term “facelift” can include surgical improvement to, not only the face, but jawlines, temples, upper and lower eyelids, foreheads and other areas, depending on what the patient needs and wants.

(See some face & neck lift before and after pictures.)

In our opinion, the second area cosmetic surgeons should address is the neck. Of all the facial areas that announce a patent has experienced some serious time marching on, the neck speaks the loudest for women over 45 and guys around 55.

That happens because any neck is where the body’s thinnest and least elastic skin is found. Thus, jowls, a double chin and sagging neck muscles may also mark early aging signs.

Adding to patient displeasure is the slackening and sagging of the platysma muscles, those two, twin ropes of skin and muscle running from the collarbone to just under the chin.

In rejuvenation surgery, there are two types of surgeries for aging necks. One, the neck lift is often done along with a facelift.

Neck lifts are usually for older patients with a lot of under chin hanging skin. The procedure helps the look of a patient’s profile especially by removing so-called “turkey wattle” skin, tightening those platysma muscles bulging through the front of the neck and taking out fatty deposits. Excess neck skin is removed, all of which improves the contour along the jaw line.

The neck lift procedure, if done alone, involves incisions around the ears and one under the chin resulting a somewhat longer recovery, usually 21 days.

                     (Learn more about what’s involved in neck lifts & sculptures.)

Judging by the reports from cosmetic surgery patients on, a website for board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons and their patients, neck lifts are popular. According to a neck lift patient survey on the website, 95 percent of 445 patients over 24 months reported the procedure “worth it.”

A shorter procedure, neck sculpture, like in the before and after picture above, is designed for younger patients who have more elastic skin and are anxious to lose a double chin and tighten a sagging platysma neck muscle.  Some opt to have a chin implant inserted which further helps the profile. Neck sculpture requires only an incision under the chin.

                         (See some neck sculpture before & after pictures.)


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