We Win Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Award — Again

An amazing Los Angeles website offers The Best of Los Angeles Awards. That website just named cosmetic surgeon Robert Kotler MD, FACS as winner of The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon for 2018.

The Best of Los Angeles Awards is peopled by 3,700 professionals who live and work in Southern California. Formed three years ago, the website takes no paid ads, but instead celebrates the most outstanding people, places and things in the city of the angels.

We might add that The Best of Los Angeles Awards has bestowed the same award  — Best Nose Job provider — on Dr. Kotler yearly since its founding three years ago.

Because rhinoplasty is the second most requested cosmetic plastic surgery for men and women in America, we consider that an another high point. And Dr. Kotler’s cosmetic surgery practice is not without competition.  Located in the Rodeo Drive area of Beverly Hills, the Bedford Street area is basically a huge medical campus with every second or third pedestrian a plastic surgeon dressed in surgical garb. So there is no accounting for the exact number — most likely many hundreds — of other cosmetic plastic surgeons who also perform rhinoplasty in the “Golden Ghetto.”

During Dr. Kotler’s 39 years in practice, he has handled 10,000 cosmetic cases that includes about 5,000 rhinoplasties on patients from all 50 U.S. states and 33 nations.

Many patients also come from Europe and the Middle East to combine a cosmetic surgery procedure with a vacation to take in area attractions like:

  •    Hollywood
  •    Homes of the stars
  •    The area’s beaches
  •    Theaters and musicals
  •    Local sports attractions

Dr. Kotler additionally offers other nose-centered procedures. Because the nose job is the hardest and most complicated surgery to perform correctly, the doctor sees many patients for whom a first rhinoplasty was unfortunately botched. Known as Revision Rhinoplasty, the procedure  is doubly difficult because the first nose job changed or eliminated the usual inside-the-nose anatomy and landmarks.

For those who can’t go under the knife, Dr. Kotler is the top American provider of permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty, a procedure that repairs divots, twists, low bridges and other irregularities or marks on the outside of the nose.


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