Rhinoplasty After Surgery Bonus Features

Ask anybody heading into nose surgery why they are having a nose job and you’ll get some pretty standard answers like:

  • “My nose is crooked.
  •  too long.
  • wide
  • has a hump in the middle.
  • blocks my my breathing.
  • was once broken

Thus, the average rhinoplasty patient fully expects to be anywhere from somewhat to a lot more attractive after any swelling and any bruises have cleared.

Looking better after any cosmetic plastic surgery often leads to a new sense of self-confidence.

Now, a new study at Johns Hopkins University found rhinoplasty patients can expect a few more bonus benefits from cosmetic nose surgery.

Lisa E. Isjhii, M.D. M.S.H. of Johns Hopkins showed before and after pictures of 13 people after their rhinoplasty to 473 others – mostly Anglo-Saxon background women with four-year college degrees. The observers ranged in age from 18 to 73.

The 473 observers then evaluated the nose shaping in after pictures taken six months after surgery. However, the observers saw only one picture and were not told if they were looking at a before or an after photo.

The rhinoplasty patients were mostly women and averaged 34 years old; according to Dr. Ishii, the woman pictured before surgery had nose problems that were visible to casual observers.

Says Dr. Ishii, a plastic surgeon and associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore:

“Patients want rhinoplasty for two main reasons: to improve their self-perception and to improve how others perceive them. We wanted to measure the second one.”

Dr. Ishii’s team asked the observers to rate the photos based on the patients’:

  • Attractiveness
  • Success level
  • Overall health

Results? The average patient attractiveness level improved by 14 points in after pictures.

“Success” levels climbed nine points.

“Overall health” rose 10 points.

Major finding: The after pictures used were only optimal rhinoplasty outcomes.

And because nose jobs are “provider dependent,” it behooves a person who does not like his or her nose to spend extra time selecting the best possible nose surgeon available.

Additionally, the study suggested that nose surgeons explain to patients before surgery how one’s social life may suddenly aand vastlychange for the better.


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