Post Cosmetic Surgery: Tell All?

Say you’ve just had some rejuvenation surgery, perhaps a nose job or a face and neck lift.  Do you tell everybody? Or, do you make like most celebrities and clam up, claiming you’ve never gone anywhere near a needle or cosmetic surgery scalpel?

     (See some face & neck lift before and after photos.)

With almost 40 years under the belt as a facial cosmetic surgeryspecialist, here’s our take: Both are O.K. It’s a 100 percent personal decision. With the exception of celebrities who can afford to hide away until all signs of cosmetic surgery are gone, many patients talk about their procedure with complete abandon.

And of course, some procedures are so overtly obvious – like breast augmentation or face and neck lift – one need not mention a word about the particilar cosmetic surgery procedure.

At the other end of the spectrum our personal observation about nose jobs and other cosmetic nasal surgery patients is: they often tend to clam up about the more attractive nose and seem to deny their nose ever looked different.

          (Look at some rhinoplasty before & after pictures.)

Here’s another thought: providing bruising and swelling are gone, most people are going to notice something different about you without being able to put a finger on the exact change. That’s because excellent cosmetic plastic surgery is actually invisible because it looks natural and fits your face or body. However, bad cosmetic surgery speaks (or curses, in some cases) for itself.

Many friends and even relatives will guess you have a new hairstyle, a new romance or you’ve been on a long vacation or have been going to the gym doing serious workouts.

As for actors, a pleasing face can be one’s fortune. So many want the general public to believe they have superior genes and maintain the appearance of a 25-year-old on their 50th – or later – birthday. Hence, the healing in private and secrecy being seen in the office of a cosmetic surgeon.

Some patients who do not want to mention their cosmetic surgery will develop a cover story like the 62-year-old wife who had a face and neck lift, followed by a chemical skin peel. Afterwards, she could easily pass for her early 40s and told others her secret was actually a certain popular cosmetic preparation used every night.

          (See some chemical skin peel before & after pictures.)

Another attended a distant family reunion after having a very satisfactory rhinoplasty and found not even her parents noticed her new nose. Some may not have noticed the change or were just too circumspect to mention it.

In this case, the woman’s sister pulled her aside and quietly asked if she had a nose job while living in California.


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