Nose Job & Its Component Costs

“These figures show your total costs.”
“These figures show your total costs.”

Several components will create the final, total cost of a nose job.

And your surgeon’s staff will let you know the totals well before surgery.

Here are some basics things affecting any cosmetic surgery costs:

Your surgeon’s experience. A nose job surgeon with top drawer training like:

  • An M.D. degree from a well-known university.
  • Fellowship training with an older, highly experienced surgeon.
  • At least ten years’ experience in the procedure you want.
  • Teaching experience at large, well-known universities.
  • A great reputation among patients and peers. That surgeon’s letters, reviews and thank-you notes should be on the doctor’s website.

That surgeon is likely to charge more, but the patient’s payback is knowing that a wonderful result is much more likely. Just look at that surgeon’s before and after pictures.

*Surgical facilities:

Top nose job surgeons tend to complete their procedures at hospitals or, more often, ambulatory surgical centers who charge a separate fee. These facilities are staffed with highly-trained M.D. anesthesiologists to monitor patients’ vital signs during surgery. The anesthesiologist will also charge a separate fee.


Like most other things, costs – and the cost of doing business – are higher in bigger cities like New York, Miami, Denver and Los Angeles. But then, the better surgeons tend to be found in larger cities.

*After-surgery care. After rhinoplasty or other procedures like facial peeling or face and neck lift, many patients opt to spend a night or two at a recovery hotel that serves as an after-cosmetic surgery care center if  follow-up attention or medications are needed.

The cost of rhinoplasty can be significant and may require financing. But you are receiving something that lasts for life and can provide increased self-confidence as well as some other health benefits like improved breathing.


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