Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Putting It Off?

One of the most common remarks we hear year after year from patients after their final after-surgery checkup is: “Why did I wait so long?” Obviously, cosmetic plastic surgery is not medically necessary so it’s known as an “elective procedure.” That is, the patient can choose:

  • When to go under the knife
  • Who does the procedure
  • How you want it done

“Go head? Wait? Do it now?”

After surgery, a fair number of patients report they waited too long. In the case of delayed nose jobs, for instance, many say they could have long ago well used that boost in self-confidence cosmetic plastic surgery provides.

For instance, one rhinoplasty patient – admiring her new, improved profile in a mirror, said:

“I have never liked the nose I was born with and could not breathe through it.

Why I waited so long for rhinoplasty and breathing correction makes no sense,” she said.

Yet another patient had chemical skin peel, a popular, non-surgical procedure that removes:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Other facial imperfections.

She concluded: The last 20 years, I’ve ponied up a fortune on special makeup and skin treatments, but they did not do a darned thing.”

We’ve learned there are five most common reasons people delay, put off and procrastinate about having cosmetic surgery.

  1. More important issues crop up like:
    • A sick child
    • Divorce
    • An ailing parent who needs help
  1. Finances:
    • Cosmetic plastic surgery comes from discretionary funds which may, or may not be available.
    • Your bank account indicates the right and wrong time; having an elective cosmetic surgery with the last dollar is never recommended.
  1. Patients often have an unrealistic fear of anesthesia. But today, anesthesia is safer and milder than ever.

Moreover, cosmetic surgery anesthesia is very light with rapid recovery after surgery.

  1. Some patients say they were afraid of exactly what they would look like.

But with computer imaging, you can see on a computer screen the most likely results of your after cosmetic surgery look.

Computer imaging danger signs are:

  • Overdone, too tight face lifts
  • Over pinched or scooped noses after rhinoplasty
  • Anything else that does not look natural
  1. Fearing what others may think. Cosmetic plastic surgery is something you do for yourself because you want an improved, natural-looking appearance.

Don’t worry what friends, spouses, parents and others think.

For excellent cosmetic plastic surgery, others will only notice some

improvement about you that could be the result of:

  • Working out
  • A restful vacation
  • A new romance
  • Losing weight

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