Rhinoplasty: All Noses Are Unique

Sure, all noses are unique but depending on your ethnicity, you may share some unique nasal characteristics, depending on your family background.Worldwide, cosmetic plastic surgeons performed nose reshaping on 730,00 patents, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). ISAPS also explains the most common concerns for which patients seek rhinoplasty:  a too wide or flat nose bridge, a… Read More »

Rhinoplasty: Most Frequent Nose Fixes

During nose job consultations, facial cosmetic surgeons examine the outside of a nose by areas and zones. Rhinoplasty surgeons also carefully inspect inside the nose. Why? Bent, crooked or missing inside structures affect the outside look of a nose and patient breathing. Here are the most common nasal features that nose job patients ask to be corrected: The hump: Working under the skin,… Read More »

Sinus Woe? No, Nose Trouble

As winter weather spreads and becomes sharper on our gentle senses, hundreds of sinus medications on drugstore shelves disappear as more people seek relief from: Sinus infections Nose stuffiness Sneezing A seemingly ever-present post-nasal drip Actually, it requires an X-ray to diagnose a case of sinusitis. More likely, the problem is in the nose. And, in most cases,… Read More »