Instagram Posts: O.K. For Finding Good Cosmetic Surgeons?

Among cosmetic plastic surgeons, social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and others are the cat’s meow in marketing. Social media reaches many more people than standard advertising — and the right people, those who are interested in having cosmetic surgery for all the right reasons, to spiff up their appearance and gain more self-confidence. For… Read More »

Receding Chin? BOTOX®!

The discovery of BOTOX® shares something with the discoveries of electricity and the Internet: as time goes on, more and more uses are found for all three. In this case, a small test on 11 receding chin patients treated with BOTOX® was done at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) in… Read More »

Deviated Septum? Top 5 Signs

Unfortunately, many people – up to 75 percent — don’t know when their nose is working against them, given a breathing-blocking condition known as deviated septum. The septum, a thin piece of cartilage, divides your nose into the two nostrils and breathing channels. It’s also easily injured and often bent into a S-shape that blocks air… Read More »