Sinus Woe? Or, Blocked Nasal Passages?

Human sinuses receive some of the worst bad raps in just about all things medical. With the yearly onset of colder weather, print, television and other media harp on the discomfort and ill ease caused by those lowly sinuses. All the while, a literal ocean of sprays, drops and other over-the-counter preparations are offered up… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery & Millennials

So much for the Baby Boomers! Millennials – that’s everybody 18 to 34 –  have become the largest generation and are changing quite a lot in American society, including cosmetic surgery Otoplasty procedure (“ear Pinning”) is also fairly high on Millennial radar. Thus, more and more Millennials are seeing cosmetic plastic surgeons to enhance their appearances…. Read More »

Nose Jobs For Senior Citizens

Some senior citizens tend to go on at length about the pains and pitfalls of getting and being ever older. Others, however, see more to the aging process like architect Frank Lloyd Wright who observed, “The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” But the years – along with gravity and your particular lifestyle… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery & Surgeon’s Fee

Many people interested in a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, say, a nose job or a facelift, often don’t quite know what to make of a surgeon’s fee. But don’t judge the procedure by fee alone, either high or low. Most experienced cosmetic surgeons warn against both a very high or low fee. Why? Some practices… Read More »

Nose Job: How Long To Complete?

We often hear anecdotes from potential nose job patients about other cosmetic plastic surgeons and how they work.  Most recently,  we’ve heard from several patients undergoing revision rhinoplasties  (the procedure to correct a failed, first rhinoplasty) about a first nose job done elsewhere that takes three to five hours. Even more dismaying, most of those long,… Read More »

Millennials & Nose Jobs

Millennials Having Fun with Selfies

Having attained the status of the most numerous generation, a new stream of potential patients aged 18 to 34 — have increasingly been visiting cosmetic plastic surgeons to see about the state of their noses. That patient stream is overwhelmingly Millennials who are most interested in nose jobs and thenotoplasty, more commonly known as ear  pinning. According… Read More »

Nose Job & Its Component Costs

Several components will create the final, total cost of a nose job. And your surgeon’s staff will let you know the totals well before surgery. Here are some basics things affecting any cosmetic surgery costs: Your surgeon’s experience. A nose job surgeon with top drawer training like: An M.D. degree from a well-known university. Fellowship… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery Patient Anesthesia Concerns

Many patients are eager for a new look, but do not look forward to dealing with anesthesia. The problem usually is tales of Uncle Joe’s operation fifteen years ago and how sick the anesthesia made him. However, those days are gone. Cosmetic plastic surgery – for all the joy and self-confidence it brings – is… Read More »