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8 Common Imperfections People have a nose Job To Fix

Many people are self-conscious about their appearance and seek a nose job to correct the imperfections they see in their nose. Our sketches show the common imperfections of the nose that people tend to want corrected.

#1 Bump or Hump on the Nose

Peak-like in the midportion of the nose. Can be caused by an injury or heredity. The most common imperfection.

Correction of Bump or Hump on Bridge, Profile View

Correction of Bump or Hump on Bridge, Front View

#2  Bulbous tip on the Nose

A round, spherical, ball-like tip of front-most portion of the nose.

Correction of Bulbous Tip, Profile View (Before on left, after on right)

Correction of Bulbous Tip, Front View

#3 Droopy tip on the Nose

The tip of the nose hangs down and may be unsatisfactorily too close to the upper lip.

Correction of Drooping Tip, Profile View

Correction of Drooping Tip, Front View

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