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Perhaps you are searching from the Middle East for the most reliable, accomplished rhinoplasty and nasal surgeon the United States offers. Or you may already have family or a home in Los Angeles and often find yourself in Southern California.

You may want:

  • Rhinoplasty surgery for a better looking nose, one that naturally fits your face
  • Repair of a first rhinoplasty, one you are not happy with
  • Permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty (only available if the outside of the nose needs improvement)
  • Internal nasal surgery for a deviated septum or turbinate reduction surgery to ease breathing problems
  • Some patients receive internal nasal surgery and then have non-surgical rhinoplasty to repair the outside of the nose. (While the injections only take minutes, treatments are separated by a wait of six weeks)

In any case, Robert Kotler, M.D., F.A.C.S., is the surgeon whom you seek. We’ll tell you more later about his expertise with the Middle Eastern nose. But, if you are searching for information about traveling to the Los Angeles area from anywhere in the Middle Eastern or Mediterranean lands, you want the trip to be efficient, trouble-free and worthwhile.

Moreover, your journey can be a one stop trip, thanks to the most modern forms of communication. You can communicate with Dr. Kotler over Skype, through email or by telephone before packing your bags. You can even get a good idea of the after surgery results from afar. Here’s how it works:

Send Dr. Kotler pictures of yourself in the mail or via email. Describe over the phone or on Skype what changes you want. Then, working with an imaging specialist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kotler will send back computer-generated photos showing the predicted results of your cosmetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty – Why Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is known as the world capital of cosmetic plastic surgery due to some very particular and fortunate circumstances, including:

  • Proximity of world-class medical schools at USC and UCLA (Tip: Dr. Kotler instructs young surgeons at both)
  • A concentration of cosmetic plastic surgeons like nowhere else globally; these surgeons learn from each other
  • To die for weather. Like going to the beach in February?
  • Top dining, entertainment, culture (like the nearby Getty Museum) and travel connections
  • Conveniently located near Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport

Beverly Hills is so geared to hosting cosmetic surgery patients, the city has created a mini-boom in a new type of discrete, after surgery facility: the post-surgical aftercare hideaway. These are fully nurse-staffed hotels that accommodate cosmetic patients during the night (or two nights, in some cases) just after surgery so your bandages, if any, won’t startle anybody and you won’t forget that 3 a.m. pill. In fact, the nurses are trained in the needs and requirements of people who have just had cosmetic plastic surgery. That’s handy because some patients must restrict their activities for a short while.

Dr. Kotler has already performed nasal surgery on many satisfied patients from Jordan, Syria, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iran and many other nations.

His staff can even make all your other arrangements for your trip to Beverly Hills, including pickup at Los Angeles International Airport and delivery to his office. There, you’ll undergo an extensive in-person exam and go over all the details before surgery the next day. You’ll also have transportation from his office to your hotel.

Read more about how easy it is for international travelers to have cosmetic plastic surgery by Dr. Kotler.

In the before and after front and side views below, a middle-aged woman from Iraq asked Dr. Kotler to remove the bump on her nose and refine her bulbous, wide nasal tip. That procedure, plus bringing the nose closer to the face, created a nearly perfect profile for her.


The Middle Eastern patient below required internal nasal surgery to unblock his breathing channels. He also had cosmetic rhinoplasty during the same surgical session. Note how much younger he appears in the after picture with a nose that flatters his profile.


Rhinoplasty Surgery- Why Dr. Robert Kotler?

In a word, you’re getting the best Beverly Hills has to offer in nasal procedures and cosmetic surgery of the head and neck.

A former star of the hit cable series, Dr. 90210, Dr. Kotler is a master cosmetic surgeon who has performed over 4,000 nasal procedures (and over 10,000 procedures overall) during 34 years of practice. He is also the author of two books for consumers on getting the best from any plastic surgery, several texts for surgeons in training and hundreds of articles for professional and popular magazines and websites.

Read Dr. Kotler’s complete cosmetic plastic surgery vita & credentials.

Middle Eastern Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty on the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean nose requires the delicate touches of a master nasal surgeon because the many features and components of any nose vary according to ethnicity. For instance, the cartilage, thickness of bone and skin often depend on where one is born.

Thus, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern noses are often longer and droop somewhat so that smiling can mean the tip of the nose drops farther, touching the lips in some cases. Skin thickness has a tremendous effect on rhinoplasty, so the Middle Eastern or Mediterranean nasal tip is often bulbous, requiring the tip to be narrowed in some cases, as well as the width of flared nostrils. Noses in this part of the world often have a prominent hump which must be filed down while many also require reduction in the bridge of the nose.

All that has to be done with a delicate, hugely experienced hand so that not too much tissue, bone or cartilage is removed. If that happens, the nose shouts “Done! Operated on!” and usually fails to fit naturally with the rest of the face.