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Dr. Kotler is acknowledged worldwide for his signature non-surgical, chemical wrinkle removal process: The Kotler Technique of facial skin rejuvenation. If you have aging or sun damaged skin with wrinkles, age spots, crows feet and other fine or even very deep lines, this process may be for you.

Dr. Kotler is considered the leading practitioner of this procedure with over 37 years experience. He was trained by two of the world’s three foremost practitioners: Dr. Jack Startz of Beverly Hills and Dr. Richard Ariagno of Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago. He is the author of Chemical Rejuvenation of the Face, one of the few, single procedure medical textbooks ever written. A medical best seller, it was sold throughout the world and was dubbed “The Bible” of chemical skin peeling by the co-developer of Retin-A, Dr. James E. Fulton.

Dr. Kotler also co-authored a medical paper with Dr. Larry Moy of the UCLA Department of Dermatology, discussing laser vs. chemical peels. The medical journal Dermatologic Surgery published this landmark research paper which established, once and for all, the superiority of the Kotler Technique of chemical skin peeling compared to even the most powerful laser machine. Chemical wrinkle removal has been practiced in the United States for over 50 years yet remains one of the least recognized but most successful of all cosmetic procedures.

The before and after pictures you see below speak for themselves.


Chemical Facial Rejuvenation recreates more youthful skin through a non-surgical process that removes age spots and wrinkles and tightens the skin. Dr. Kotler, MD, FACS, is a recognized superspecialist in this procedure.


General anesthesia is administered by a physician anesthesiologist specializing in facial procedures. Under anesthesia, there is no pain and no awareness. An intravenous is started and you “drift off to sleep.”


Approximately 2 hours in the operating room.

Recovery Room:

Usually 1 to 2 hours in a fully monitored and state of the art recovery room at the surgery center.


1 to 2 nights at a post-operative recovery facility. If dressings are applied to the facial skin, they will be removed without discomfort at the surgery center under a brief anesthetic 48 hours after the procedure has been performed.

Return To Work, Normal Activities, Etc:

You may return to work, normal activities, etc. within 8 to 10 days. During the first 7 days, your face is covered with either dressings or the “mud pack.” No later than 8 days, the mud pack will have been washed off revealing the fresh, smooth, reddish-pink skin (akin to a sunburn). Within 1 or 2 days, make-up can be applied. We provide appropriate skin care products such as cleansing lotion (instead of soap), softening oils and sunscreens. We also treat you to a professional makeover where you will learn how to conceal the pink skin color.

The First Several Months After:

The reddish pink color fades naturally and the lightening process is accelerated by medications that we provide. The pink color is usually gone by 8 to 10 weeks after performance. Regardless of how long the natural fading takes, the ruddy color can be concealed with cosmetics. In some people, during the first several months, the skin tends to be dry (due to inactive oil glands) but this is easily corrected by the use of the products provided to you.

What About Going Back In The Sun?:

Generally, once the pink color has faded, the new skin may be slightly lighter than it was before and therefore less apt to tan. Since sun tanning may have been one of the factors that caused the skin to age prematurely, you will want to reduce the chance of burning and tanning anyway. Therefore, we will advise you on the proper sunscreens, which will reduce the chance of burning and help keep your skin from becoming aged again.

Before After
One week after chemical rejuvenation

Before After
10 days after chemical rejuvenation. On the left, the patient has no make-up on. On the right, the patient has camouflaged the redness with special make-up.

Before After
Left: Before chemical facial rejuvenation. Right: 6 weeks after chemical facial rejuvenation, no make-up

Before After
Left: Before chemical facial rejuvenation. Right: 6 weeks after chemical facial rejuvenation, no make-up