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Human beings come in all sizes and shapes. Likewise, noses come in all sizes and shapes and may have certain features that are particular to their ethnic group. The great rhinoplasty surgeons have always recognized that no two noses should be treated the same; the nose must fit the face. With ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kotler creates a natural appearance – so natural that it seems like you were born with it. A natural nose’s best compliment is when the patient is told, “I would have never guessed you had a nose job.”

Dr. Robert Kotler is a rhinoplasty superspecialist who performs nearly all his treatments on the nose. This makes him uniquely qualified to provide ethnic rhinoplasty, with attention paid to your features and producing results that make you look and feel more like yourself.

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Dr. Kotler has decades of experience performing nasal and facial surgery. See real patient results performed by a superspecialist in Beverly Hills, CA.

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Rhinoplasty, as an art form, has advanced greatly since its wide-spread use among surgeons and popularity among patients. Most everyone is aware of the stereotypical look created by older nasal surgery techniques: the over-pinched and over-turned nose, which were obvious signs that someone had treatment. In ethnic rhinoplasty treatment especially, this standard nose-job look does a disservice to patients’ unique features and should be strictly avoided.

What Makes Ethnic Rhinoplasty Different?

Skin thickness and color, as well as the consistency of the cartilage and the bone, are often reflective of one’s ancestry; there is a major difference between the thin, light-colored skin of a person with English, Scottish, or Finnish background, versus the thicker and more pigmented tissue of someone whose family hails from Southern Italy or the Middle East. Some people, particularly those who are of Asian and Hispanic descent, tend to have softer cartilages. But the unique components of ethnic rhinoplasty don’t stop here. As a superspecialist in rhinoplasty, Dr. Kotler recognizes that your procedure should also take the following into account:

Asian and Hispanic patients often have horizontally oval nostrils with a wide nasal floor, and the walls of the nostrils may be thick. Some of these problems can be corrected but others cannot. Be sure to ask about what results you can expect during your consultation.

It’s often the case that patients of Middle-Eastern heritage have noses that are longer and droopier, with a prominent convexity to the profile. Smiling may cause the tip to drop even further. The addition of the downward force of gravity with aging can make the nose appear longer.

While most noses need shaving, slimming, or reduction in one or more dimensions, some noses need an add-on. Most often, the bridge is too low and needs to be raised. This can be done with either the transplantation of natural tissue including bone or cartilage from the patient’s own body or insertion of a solid, human-made implant.

Ethnic Nose Job Specialists

Understanding the scope of your surgery and the adjustment necessary to create improved balance in facial features is of the utmost importance; not all imperfections or features can be corrected by surgeons, regardless of their talent, level of experience and degree of specialization. Dr. Kotler approaches his ethnic rhinoplasty consultations with a patient education mindset. It’s important to set the right expectations to create results that patients love.

For some patients, satisfaction can often be provided with a permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. For them, a trip to the operating room may be avoided entirely.

Key Components to Successful Surgery

Dr. Kotler believes in conservative and proven techniques when performing ethnic rhinoplasty; the key to a natural and a satisfactory result is ensuring just the right amount of tissue is removed. Overtreatment is a common and unfortunate mistake in nose surgery. For Dr. Kotler and his ethnic nose job patients, the less-is-more philosophy proves to create the best possible cosmetic result.

At Dr. Kotler’s practice, all nasal surgeries are performed using the closed rhinoplasty technique, which is less invasive than an open rhinoplasty. Be sure to ask if this treatment method will work for you or whether an open technique can best address your needs. The goal is to create the following: A bridge that is straight or has a very slight tilt towards the tip, but not too low. On the front view, the tip is not pinched, and the nostrils are not turned up

Questions to Ask During your Ethnic Nose Surgery Consultation

At your initial appointment, ask Dr. Kotler what the prospects are for success and what he sees as some of the challenges that may be involved. Our superspecialist, Dr. Kotler, has the focused expertise necessary to complete your ethnic rhinoplasty procedure to your satisfaction. During your first visit, it’s common to ask our specialist, and yourself, any of the following:

  • Will the open or closed rhinoplasty technique be used to create the desired nose shape?
  • Can permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty create the desired changes?
  • Are my expectations realistic and can nose surgery meet them?
  • Do I want a nose that looks like me or looks like a celebrity?

As a conservative and skilled superspecialist, Dr. Kotler wants to ensure patients have a complete understanding of their procedure and what results are possible. While some patients may enter their consultation with ideas of achieving a famous person’s nose, it’s important to know why this is a common pitfall and that this result may not be feasible or even desirable.

The best barometer of the doctor’s talent is their before and after gallery. With our patient gallery, you can determine Dr. Kotler’s style and taste in ethnic rhinoplasty. You should review many photographic examples where patients had the very changes that parallel your needs.

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