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Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Dr. Robert Kotler is a rhinoplasty superspecialist who performs nearly all his treatments on the nose. This makes him uniquely qualified to provide ethnic rhinoplasty, with attention paid to your features and producing results that make you look and feel more like yourself.

The great rhinoplasty surgeons have always recognized that the nose must fit the face. It must appear natural, as if you were born with it. The surgeon’s strongest compliment is when the patient is told, “I would have never guessed you had a nose job.”


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Dr. Kotler has decades of experience performing nasal and facial surgery. See real patient results performed by a superspecialist in Beverly Hills, CA.



Ethnic rhinoplasty delivers a particular challenge to the surgeon. There are more factors to consider. Not only may the nose may be unique to the ethnicity but other features such as the lips, eyes, cheekbones. The nasal cartilage stiffness and skin texture and thickness varies greatly among ethnic groups and even within a given ethnic group. Nostrils may be more oblique or vertical. The floor or sill of the nostrils may be wide and the ala or wings may be very thick and tall. The bridge may be very low or very high. There are many parts involved in the procedure for the surgeon to consider. The level of detail required of an ethnic nose job requires the skills of a seasoned rhinoplasty surgeon with years of experience performing an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure. 

key components to successful surgery

Skin thickness and color, as well as the consistency of the cartilage and the bone, are often reflective of one’s ancestry; there is a major difference between the thin, light-colored skin of a person with English, Scottish, or Finnish background, versus the thicker and more pigmented tissue of someone whose family hails from Southern Italy or the Middle East. Some people, particularly those who are of Asian and Hispanic descent, tend to have softer cartilages. But the unique components of ethnic rhinoplasty don’t stop here. As a superspecialist in rhinoplasty, Dr. Kotler recognizes that your procedure should also take the following into account.

Dr. Kotler believes in conservative and proven techniques when performing ethnic rhinoplasty.” Overdone” is far worse than “ underdone”, since the overdone nose is easy to spot because it is not in sync with the ethnicity and does not blend well with the other facial features. Nothing looks worse that an short, turned up Irish nose sitting on the face of a patient from the Middle East.

Nearly all nasal surgeries are performed using the closed rhinoplasty technique. All incisions are hidden within the nasal interior and all stitches dissolve. For those ethnic patients with dark or olive skin, avoiding a visible, external incision up front, connecting the nostrils is important since there is some potential for visibility and skin discoloration, particularly.

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The best evidence of a rhinoplasty surgeon who “gets it” regarding ethnic rhinoplasty is the doctors’ before and after photo gallery. If the noses look appropriate, natural and consistent with the ethnicity, you are witnessing the talent you want.


Understanding the scope of your surgery and the adjustment necessary to create improved balance in facial features is of the utmost importance; not all imperfections or features can be corrected by surgeons, regardless of their talent, level of experience and degree of specialization. Dr. Kotler approaches his ethnic rhinoplasty consultations with a patient education mindset. It’s important to set the right expectations to create results that patients love.

For some patients, satisfaction can often be provided with a permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. For them, a trip to the operating room may be avoided entirely.

Dr. Kotler believes in conservative and proven techniques when performing ethnic rhinoplasty; the key to a natural and a satisfactory result is ensuring just the right amount of tissue is removed. Overtreatment is a common and unfortunate mistake in nose surgery. For Dr. Kotler and his ethnic nose job patients, the less-is-more philosophy proves to create the best possible cosmetic result.

At Dr. Kotler’s practice, all nasal surgeries are performed using the closed rhinoplasty technique, which is less invasive than an open rhinoplasty. Be sure to ask if this treatment method will work for you or whether an open technique can best address your needs. The goal is to create the following: A bridge that is straight or has a very slight tilt towards the tip, but not too low. On the front view, the tip is not pinched, and the nostrils are not turned up

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Superspecialist and Board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler has consistently delivered natural rhinoplasties for over 30 years. 

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