What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

Like all operations, there is a risk, albeit very minor, of bleeding. Infection is extremely rare. Other risks are attendant to the anesthesia which today is safer than ever since it is done with [...]

What are the alternatives to rhinoplasty?

The only alternative to rhinoplasty is a “non-surgical” or “injection rhinoplasty” by which certain bumps, divots and even mild crookedness may be corrected with temporary permanent fillers. The [...]

What can I expect after rhinoplasty?

After rhinoplasty, there is very little pain. Swelling and some bruising is expected but generally dissipates within seven to ten days. There may be some numbness of the nose. Generally there is [...]

How Long Does The Surgery Take?

A standard rhinoplasty generally takes 1.5 hours or less in experienced hands. Some surgeons using more complex techniques, including the open rhinoplasty with multiple cartilage grafts from the [...]