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Learn About Our Rhinoplasty Surgery Operating Room in Los Angeles

If you have not had surgery before, the outpatient surgery experience will be new to you. To help you understand the workings, and particularly, the many professionals and staff members who labor for your comfort and safety, let’s do a short visit. Let’s meet the people who comprise the team.

Behind OR Doors Intro

Meet Dr. Terani

Meet Dr. Tehari

Dr. Tehari Talks About Working with Dr. Kotler

Meet Yelena

Yelena Talks About Dr. Kotler

Met Surgical Tech Katie

Surgical Tech Katie Pt. 2

Behind the Scenes Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery

A glance at the Instruments Used During Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Robert Kotler’s Surgical Staff Preparing for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Ileana an Instrument Tech Talks About Rhinoplasty Surgery With Dr. Robert Kotler!

Meet Ileana One of Dr. Kotler's Instrument Techs

The Summit Surgical Center Administrator Discusses Working with Dr. Kotler

Meet Debbie the Administrator at Summit Surgical Center

Tiffany Talks About Working with Dr. Kotler

Meet Tiffany the Administrative Assistant for Summit Surgical Center

Nancy Discusses Her Experience Working with Dr. Kotler

Meet Nancy One of Dr. Kotler's Registered Nurses