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Why Not See the Predicted Result of Your Procedure?

In his book, SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON, Dr. Kotler stated “… a consultation without computer imaging has limited value”.

Cosmetic facial surgery is a 100% visual subject. You need to see the surgeon’s vision for your face. There should be no mystery as to what can — or cannot — be achieved, for you. After all, would you start building a house without approving a set of computer generated graphics which showed the final structure?

The computer rendition is a product of the discussion with the surgeon as to what should be done and “how much”. The process is simple and quick. “Before” photos are taken, morphed by a computer software program, a la Paint Shop, and the “afters” appear on the computer screen, alongside the “befores”. You should be sent copies of the imaging to review and study at home.

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