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Computer Imaging Photos

Why Not See the Predicted Result of Your Procedure?

In his book, SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON, Dr. Kotler stated “… a consultation without computer imaging has limited value”.

Cosmetic facial surgery is a 100% visual subject. You need to see the surgeon’s vision for your face. There should be no mystery as to what can — or cannot — be achieved, for you. After all, would you start building a house without approving a set of computer generated graphics which showed the final structure?

The computer rendition is a product of the discussion with the surgeon as to what should be done and “how much”. The process is simple and quick. “Before” photos are taken, morphed by a computer software program, a la Paint Shop, and the “afters” appear on the computer screen, alongside the “befores”. You should be sent copies of the imaging to review and study at home.

Click photo to enlarge and to read Dr. Kotler’s comments for each case