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Are You a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty Surgery or a Permanent Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Many people considering cosmetic facial surgery, including rhinoplasty and permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty, are not certain if their particular situation is appropriate for either the surgical or non-surgical improvement.

To help those just beginning the important research and homework, which is wise — before consultation — we offer an opportunity for Dr. Kotler to review your photos and indicate one of the possible conclusions, based on the photos submitted:

Green light

You look like an excellent candidate to have the procedure.

Yellow light

Possibly the surgical or non-surgical option would work, but some further evaluation is in order.

Red light

Circumstances are such that surgery is not a good option. Perhaps permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty but even that is a longshot.

An evaluation by Dr. Kotler and an e-mail response from him will be completed within 72 hours of receipt. To facilitate Dr. Kotler’s evaluation and recommendation, please complete the following checklist:

Send Us Your Photos 

How To Take Photos

Have two photos taken of yourself; one front view and one exact profile. Tip: A digital camera is easiest but a good quality non-digital camera is sufficient.

Make sure the photos extend from your collarbone to the top of your head (see example above). Tip: use a dark colored background such as blue or black.

Make sure to pull your hair away from your face and tuck your hair behind your ears (especially so for ear surgery patients). Also, pull your collar down enough to expose your neck (or wear a collarless shirt or blouse).

Make sure the lighting is not overly bright or too dark. Either way will give us poor results.