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Faced with yet another operation to repair your nose?

You may have been through rhinoplasty once, twice or even three times before, but your nose is still unattractive.

You doubtless dread facing another surgery, given the:

  • Expense
  • Time away from work and family
  • Unsure results of surgery and healing
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It’s widely known that rhinoplasty is the most difficult and exacting procedure in all of cosmetic plastic surgery. It’s because the human nose is a three-dimensional structure where one tiny part of the nasal anatomy affects other nose structures, all resulting in a nose that could still be unpleasing, depending on how the procedure goes.

Rhinoplasty is so demanding and difficult, the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AAFRPS) estimates that 20 to 25 percent of all first rhinoplasties are unsatisfactory, resulting in unhappy patients.

Perhaps other surgeons have said nothing can be done to rescue the state of a misshapen nose. But for half century there has also been another method; it’s known as non-surgical rhinoplasty (also, injection rhinoplasty) and has a 50-year body of solid scientific research backing it up.

Read more about the science involved in non-surgical rhinoplasty.)

Significantly Lower Rhinoplasty Costs

So, what if your nose could be permanently repaired using only injections? And, what if you could first take a “test drive” or “demo” to actually see with your own eyes what your nose will look like afterwards with no downside? A chance to see and feel what the nose will look like, AFTER correction without surgery!

We can tell you this about the cost: non-surgical rhinoplasty is typically 80% lower than the total cost for surgical rhinoplasty because no operating room or anesthesiologist is required.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty all takes place in the doctor’s office in three to five short appointments separated by a wait of about six weeks between appointments.

Here’s how it works:

Provided your nose woes are all on the outside, injection rhinoplasty involves a series of tiny injections that plump up or mask nasal flaws.

For instance, injection rhinoplasty is indicated if you have on your nose:

  • Grooves
  • Divots or shallow places
  • Humps or bumps on the bridge
  • Bends or twists
  • Asymmetrical nostrils
  • Flat tip

The nasal surgeon, ideally one who is a long-experienced, superspecialist in nasal surgery, injects tiny amounts – micro-droplets – of filler into low places under the skin to plump up those depressions and grooves. A modest hump on the bridge of the nose is masked by injecting filler above and below the hump, making the nose look completely straight. For those with a larger hump or bump, fillers may not be appropriate lest they make the nose look larger.

Injection rhinoplasty can also correct a flat nasal bridge, or, technically, a depressed dorsum. Nasal sidewall depressions, saddle noses and a few other traumatic injuries can be treated and enhanced too. (A saddle nose is the typical “boxer’s nose” with the bridge of the nose highly depressed.)

How Dr. Kotler’s Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedure is Different

Understand that the vast majority of cosmetic and plastic surgeons offering injection rhinoplasty use fillers that dissolve back into the body within six months to a year. To keep up the appearance, you must constantly go back for more injections. That’s like a life-time sentence.

A better way: in the U.S. a handful of nasal surgeons, the supers pecialists mentioned above, are skilled in using Silikon 1000, an FDA cleared, medical grade liquid silicone, the gold standard man-made material, whose solid form is used for human replacement parts, like artificial heart valves and artificial joints. While the use as a micro-droplet filler under the skin is an “off-label” use, the material is deemed very safe because the FDA-approval is for use inside the human eye to correct a detached retina.

Moreover, the procedure has been proven in many research studies. The American Society of Dermatological Surgery (ASDA) commissioned a special study on liquid injectable silicone as facial filler in 1997; it showed the micro-droplet technique used for five decades in many people is effective and safe. The report concluded: “Injected correctly, liquid injectable silicone may meet many of the requirements for ideal (facial) filler.”

(Read more about liquid silicone used as filler in cosmetic surgery.)

The product works because the body walls off the tiny silicone droplets and plumps up the depression. Medically, the walled off sections are known as fibroplasia and can’t be felt by the fingers.

That’s why the appointments are a minimum of six weeks apart; the surgeon starts with the tiniest amount possible and then waits to see how healing has affected the marks on your nose. If more is needed, it’s injected, followed by another wait of six weeks.

In addition, you can go back to whatever you were doing before the appointment. Non-surgical rhinoplasty leaves no bruises, marks, swelling or discolorations. It’s back to business as usual.

You, the patient, can also take part, watching the surgeon work. If you want larger changes, just ask.

And don’t let the needles frighten you; the nose is numbed with a topical anesthetic ointment prior to injection.

Be Sure. Have the Saline “Demo”

Remember our “test drive”? Here’s how that works:

The doctor uses sterile saline (plain old salt water) in his syringe and injects the saline into the same places as he will later on using Silikon 1000.

Salt water has the same plumping and disguising qualities as permanent filler but dissolves back into the body within several hours. But that is long enough to take before and after pictures and leave you with a reliable image of what your nose will look like after permanent injection rhinoplasty.

Could you not ask for more?

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