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Over 1100

Before And
After Photos

Browse through Dr. Kotler’s comprehensive
photo gallery for pre and post-operative
procedures, including rhinoplasty, revision
rhinoplasty, non surgical rhinoplasty,
chin augmentation, face and neck lifts,
and more.
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Kotler Nasal


No more blocked nasal passages,
pounding pressure, and ear-popping
during rhinoplasty recovery!

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Want a Preview of How You’ll Look

After Cosmetic Surgery?

Thinking of a rhinoplasty? Ever wonder how you
would look after facial cosmetic surgery? Now,
worldwide, visitors to our website can see the
predicted result of their cosmetic surgery
performed by Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, a face
and neck cosmetic surgery superspecialist.
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What Will I
Look Like?

Photos from one day to
several weeks after your
rhinoplasty or other
facial cosmetic procedure
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Why Not See the Predicted Result of Your Cosmetic Procedure?

Below, See the "Before", the "Computer-generated After" and the Actual "After"

Computer Imaging, Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

Ever wonder how you would look after cosmetic surgery? Now, worldwide, visitors to our website can see the predicted result of their cosmetic surgery perfomed by Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, a face and neck cosmetic surgery superspecialist.

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The Premier Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Robert Kotler is a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. He has won several awards, been featured on Oprah and Dr. 90210 as well as written multiple books on facial cosmetic surgery.

As a pioneer of the permanent non surgical rhinoplasty, Dr. Kotler has made the nose job procedure less intrusive and more affordable by using injections to straighten and refine the nasal structures. The result is little to no pain, no recovery time and a lower nose job cost for his patients.

View Dr. Kotler’s work in our rhinoplasty before and after photos and even get a preview of how you will look after cosmetic surgery. Schedule a consultation, virtual or in-person!
Abbreviated Resume

  • Super-specialist. Practice limited to six procedures of the face and neck exclusively.
  • Unique training, talent and experience in nasal surgery, cosmetic and functional.
  • Renowned for non-surgical, injection revision rhinoplasty. Permanent correction of imperfections, without additional revisional surgery.
  • Developed the KOTLER SALINE DEMO, a “test drive” to demonstrate the final result of the permanent injections to correct imperfect rhinoplasties or even improve unoperated noses.
  • Popular teacher, at UCLA and USC. Lecturer at national and international medical meetings. Taught at or attended 108 professional courses, seminars.
  • Medical author, textbook for MDs, dubbed “The Bible”, CHEMICAL REJUVENATION OF THE FACE. Contributor to 13 other books for doctors and the public.
  • Inventor, the KOTLER NASAL AIRWAY™ , used by doctors throughout the world. Provides a safer and more comfortable experience after any nasal or sinus surgery.
  • Spokesperson for cosmetic surgery on OPRAH, DR 90210, magazines, newspapers.
  • Service to the country. Former Major, Medical Corps, US Army. Instructor in Walter Reed Army Medical Center residency program. Attending Surgeon, West Los Angeles Veterans Medical Center
  • See Dr. Kotler’s 8-page Professional Bio.

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